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Jah Cure Could Be Released from Prison Summer 2007

Posted by Molli Fire on Tuesday, 13March07

According to news sources like Big Up Radio, reggae singer Jah Cure could be released from prison as early as July 2007. If this actually happens, he will be free and available to play Reggae Sunsplash in Jamaica this summer.
See Big Up Radio for details.


Jah Cure To Play At Curefest August 2007

Click the link to see more Jah Cure news right here on HearingTest!


12 Responses to “Jah Cure Could Be Released from Prison Summer 2007”

  1. storbakken said

    Jah Cure sings some mighty conscious songs.

  2. David Dijkstra said

    free the cure

  3. ras sarah said

    babylon need to free jah cure cause he dont belong in prison to the way you people think so. so let him go or you will face your consiquences on judgement day

  4. fran said

    free jah cure

  5. Vicki said

    Let the Cure free, we need him back amongst his people, his music will tell the truth, watch this space !

  6. monique said

    i feel you should free jah cure and i’m from the united states,he did his time even though he shouldn’t of did no time at all but let him free so he can contiune his career. and help his mother and family because i no it’s rough out there in jamaica.

  7. iVi said

    wow, thanks for all the beautiful comments. it is obviously time for him to return to the community.

  8. Zion I said

    Free The Cure….Rastafari is always there fr his children. Hail The King almighty, set the captives free. Jah Cure has a works to complete.

  9. qrious said

    babylon joke ting, free da cure, bless

  10. FOKBABYLON said

    di birds and di beez there clean, 2gether sweet honey dem bring, just notice everything from winter till spring, he made di raindrops fall, he quench earth’s thirst for all, how could i deny JAH RASTAFARI


    Rotterdam, Holland SouthSide Operatie Zuid Rotterdam Zuid

    010 3074 5314

    JAH bless !!!

  11. Molli Fire said

    Thank you so much for all the beautiful responses! Please check out the latest news about Curefest (i added the link to this post) and watch HearingTest for updates as more news is made available! JAH Bless!

    watch the homepage for updates:

  12. keane592 said

    biggg up to jah cure guyanese people ah pray fuh you from long time…………………..

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