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PARAMORE Live Stream Today!!

Posted by Molli Fire on Monday, 26March07

Paramore performs a live concert today which will be streamed live on the internet.  Also, their new album, RIOT! will be released June 2007 after a brief US tour.

According to Hypebot :

“Indie label Fueled By Ramen who already uses new technologies and the net better than most, is set to launch its own streaming destination FBR+ tomorrow 3/27 with a live concert by Paramore.”

To hear the online concert, go to

Unfortunately, the FBR store does not have any info, and nobody mentions what time this will occur. At the time of this writing, the only info on FBR+ is this :

PARAMORE, on the other hand, has all the goods about their new album and tour on their website. The new album, RIOT! will be released June 2007, and will be available at the FBR Store.

Paramore will be on tour with THE ALMOST AND THIS PROVIDENCE, plus special guests Quietdrive.

04.20 Ft. Lauderdale, FL
04.21 St. Petersburgh, FL
04.23 Orlando, FL
04.24 Atlanta, GA
04.26 Norfolk, VA
04.27 Towson, MD
04.28 Washington, DC
05.01 Boston, MA
05.02 New York, NY
05.04 Toronto, ON
05.07 Cleveland, OH
05.08 Chicago, IL
05.09 Detroit, MI
05.11 Dallas, TX
05.12 Houston, TX
05.14 Tempe, AZ
05.15 Las Vegas, NV
05.17 Los Angeles, CA
05.18 Anaheim, CA
05.19 San Francisco, CA

The Fueled By Ramen Website is a great music store that carries a lot of the bands that are most popular on mog. You can check them out here :

The “About Us” page describes there beginnings in depth, but here is the nutshell version :

“Fueled By Ramen is an independent record label based in Tampa, Florida. Started in 1996, the label has grown tremendously from its beginnings in Gainesville, Florida to become one of the world’s premier names for music…”

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