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SLAYER Speaks For The Tongueless

Posted by Molli Fire on Monday, 26March07

Celebrating their 26th year together, the band formerly known as Dragonslayer, has finally been getting some of the recognition they deserve. They have managed to sustain a career of uncompromising controversial thrash metal in a fickle music market. In 2006, Slayer fans and SPIN readers named them “Best Live Band” in SPIN’s Readers Poll, the same year they released Christ Illusion with the single “Eyes of the Insane”. In 2007, Slayer received the Grammy Award for “Best Metal Performance.” for that single. It was their second nomination for that category, the first was in 2002, but their music finally won the title in 2007.

Christ Illusion debuted at #5 on Billboard’s album chart, selling 62,000 copies in the first week. Apparently listeners made out the lyrics by its second week of distribution because it fell immediately to #44.

texas monthly

The entire album has an overtly hard-hitting anti-government and anti-religion perspective, partially inspired by a magazine feature on US soldiers in Iraq that was published in the March 2006 issue of Texas Monthly. The article was called “Casualty Of War” and “told the story about a highly-decorated U.S. soldier in Iraq who, a mere four days away from going home, had a mental breakdown that left him “seeing faces, soldiers’ faces.” He took his own life.” That description comes from the dogmatic blog entry about the music video for “Eyes of the Insane”.

The song describes this soldier’s last experiences :

Eyes of the insane

A soldier’s heart
Reflecting back at me
I keep seeing mutilated faces
Even in my dreams
Distorted images
Flashing rapidly
Psychotically abusing me
Devouring my brain

The eyes of the insane
On a demented campaign

Tortured spirits
Will not let me rest
These thoughts of mutilated faces
Completely possessed
Fragmented images
Flashing rapidly
Psychotically abusing me
Worming through my head

Shell shock battle fatigue
Overwhelming anxiety
Flashbacks panic attacks
Death raising it’s ugly face at me

More about the Grammy award winning “Eyes Of The Insane” including a listen, on Wikipedia.
Slayer visited troops in Iraq in 2007 –

Lyrics from “Consfearacy”, also on the album, Christ Illusion

I need to redefine
All the things I hate today
Politics that fail
From a president derailed
I hate the shit economy
It might as well be sodomy
I know that in the end
I’m expected to pretend

But I can’t relate
To your verbal idiocy
No one’s in control
When the government’s the enemy


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