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Faust, Luke Vibert Play UK Festival

Posted by Molli Fire on Wednesday, 28March07

The 2007 Venn Festival in Bristol, UK will be held from May 31 to June 3rd. Looks like a lot of good downtempo/electronica/space rock/atmospheric type bands. i also see some vaudville acts in there as well. should be worth it for the Faust set alone! Faust play “krautrock” but really spacey type stuff. like spacmen3 meet neu! or something. i am still kicking myself for not seeing Faust when they came to SF in 1999. i think it had been 14 years since they had last played here, and it will probably be another 14 before they make it back! who knows how much longer they will be playing as a group, so definitely check this out if you are in UK.

Confirmed artists include :

Faust with Colin Potter of Nurse With Wound
KTL (SOMA of Sunn O))) + Peter Rehberg)
Spring Heel Jack with Mark Saunders plus J Spaceman (Jason Pierce of Spiritualized)
Quadrode (Portishead/Goldfrapp side project)
Soft Circle
Yellow Swans
A Hawk And A Hacksaw plus Hun Hangar Ensemble
Vladislav Delay/Luomo
Maher Shalal Hash Baz
Adrian Orange and the Child Slave Rebellion
Baby Dee
Ted Milton
Monkey Steak DJs
Jem Noble
the One Ensemble Orchestra
Octopussy DJs
Principal Participant
Jack Rose
Safety Scissors (DJ set)
Silver Pyre
Luke Vibert

there are actually more confirmed acts than this, but i got tired of writing them all down. you can find more information on the festival’s website (which at the moment is not much) :: :: or at ::Pitchfork ::
there will be the usual festival extras too, dj’s workshops, showcases, exhibits, all the goodies.


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