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Pitchfork Writer Gets Remixed

Posted by Molli Fire on Friday, 6April07

today in dj/rupture’s blog, mudd up! he takes on Pitchfork’s slanderous reviews of music that don’t fit into their corporate white indie category. he basically turns the tables on one reviewer, using the pitchfork employee’s own writing style to describe their job as a reviewer.
if the reviewer would not like to be described as :

“Paul Thompson, a data-entry typist (who, for his sake, I hope is not the same Paul Thompson of NYC convicted for murder last Saturday), messes about when trumping-up press releases into Pitchfork news items.”

then why is he using this style to describe music for Pitchfork’s website? this reversal of roles comes about after paul thompson reviewed Rupture’s remix of a Architecture in Helsinki song. a remix is expected to be in the same style that the remixing artist is famous for, and this one is no exception. it is very different than any AIH song, but that’s the point. if this reviewer prefers the AIH song to they style that Rupture has twisted it into, than that’s fine. but maybe pitchfork should be more careful about who covers which stories.

the whole story from dj/Rupture can be read on his blog, mudd up!, the pitchfork review can be read at their Architecture in Helsinki Plot World Tour, New Single page and the song in question is streaming on Rupture’s murdochspace and is called, “Ital Hymn Mix ft. Mr. Lee G”.





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