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WKRP In Cincinnati Released By Cheapskates At Fox

Posted by Molli Fire on Tuesday, 17April07

The legendary 70’s tv show, “WKRP In Cincinnati” will finally get released on DVD next week. But wait, don’t cheer yet – the very reason that it hasn’t been released before now, is pretty obscene, and hasn’t exactly been fixed.

Those of us who watched the show religiously (2 words – Loni Anderson) when it was still on network television, are quite aware that the entire show is about a radio station that plays popular music. That music had to be licensed for performance on the show. Those same licenses ran out ages ago, with no future in reruns or DVD releases. So, what has changed to enable the show to be released next week? Ok, just a warning, those who are easily offended or have anger management issues should click away from this post now. It’s about to get very offensive…..
The show could never be syndicated or aired as a rerun without paying for new licenses, which apparently cost so much now, that it renders the whole project unfeasible (i imagine they mean unprofitable, but no clarification on that). So great was the fear that the music industry inspired that most original copies were destroyed, to prevent even one accidental airing!!
How did MTM Enterprises, who originally distributed the show, get around this in order to release it on DVD? Did they take all the music out of the show entirely? Well, yes. Then they took it one horrible step further – they forced one of their employees to replace all the songs that you hear (on the station, as well as characters bursting into song) with generic muzak.

The poor fellow whom this mighty task fell on, describes the experience :

The new music that was inserted into the show sucked ass. It was wrong for the feel and attitude of the show. Some scenes relied on specific songs at particular junctures (i.e., Les Nessman trying on a toupee to the soundtrack of Foreigner’s “Hot Blooded”). Those scenes were ruined. In many instances, we couldn’t even finesse the proper audio levels in order to cut the costs of replacing the music.

But, at least MTM decided not to release it, probably because they agreed that it was too horrible of a travesty. Until Fox bought the company. Fox will release WKRP the muzak years on April 24th.

Way to go almighty copyright holders. You have successfully destroyed yet another popular artistic endeavor. Now I see why the world needs you to protect us and keep us safe from illegal performance….

Read the full story on Against Monopoly dot org

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