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nuh ready yet….

Posted by Molli Fire on Sunday, 22April07

Update on my progress with the 1-2minute movies from the Sonic Boom show –

i dug into the folder of short movies from the show – and lo and behold – these “little” movies are 11-71 MB mpg files. no, they do not get an impressive 11-71 miles per gallon, rather, i have no idea how to share them with you. i thought they would be in mov format, or at least something that is easily downloaded and watched. so, i am looking into my options, starting with youtube…

does anyone have suggestions? please let me know if you have a preferred method. i will share the lovely movies of Sonic Boom’s atmospheric journeys through electronic psychedelia as soon as i get this sorted out….

i guess this is one of the bugs i need to figure out in order to become a fully operational multi-media blogger… at least i will have all these things figured out for the next time i go to a rad show, so i can throw that shizzle up on this page so blazin fast that there will be scorch marks!

speaking of blazing, the next show that i will have a multi-media review of will be next weekend. i will be documenting and reviewing the event with End.User, Dan Doormouse, the_Stapler, and Rtype, among others. i will have some audio to share, pictures, a review and interviews, and some video!! therefore, HearingTest will be smokin hot next week which will make up for my slackness this week. i’m right in the thick of writing a couple chapters for the reggae book that’s going to be published soon. so, i won’t be as active here this week, especially Monday and Tuesday.

– This week’s features –

a roundup of articles, interviews, and links to sustainable energy applied to live music culture. how to run your tourbus, soundsystem, generator, car, van, guitar amp, etc. on fuel that is low impact on the earth’s depleted resources. solar power and biodiesel/SVO options will be discussed especially.

hopefully the Sonic Boom movies

an excerpt from what i have been writing for the reggae book

more info about the breakcore/jungle/hardcore party mentioned, featuring End.User and Doormouse.

hope you had a fresh earth day weekend!

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