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Somebody Wants Hilary Duff Dead

Posted by Molli Fire on Thursday, 26April07

When you are a lovely, chart-topping, 19 year old girl, you’re bound to be threatened. And stalked. It’s part of being adored, idolized, and revered. It comes with the territory. Usually such threats come from other female performers, especially those of lesser or no talent, with incompetence issues and anger management problems, and often still tethered to the parents that spoiled them.

Hillary Duff knows this first hand, being lovely, female, 19, and successful. However, in addition to jealous peers, she also attracts rabid fans who mill about outside the places she is working, and actually scream death threats at the sealed building until being tackled by police.

Read the full story here.

Hillary Duff – “With Love”

So, what’s with the plot of this video? Is it just me, or does this look like a video personal ad looking for stalkers? Only handsome young players need apply…





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