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Buzz About New Album From Aussie Bumblebeez

Posted by Molli Fire on Tuesday, 1May07

There’s new buzz coming from the direction of Australia – wait, wait, it’s the Bumblebeez! It sounds something like ~ they have finished up their new album coming out in july. … and its got wacky ideas… and shoes of energy! wait – – – no, that wasn’t very buzzworthy…. Let’s see….. ah, here we go – Don’t Sweat It was mastered by “crazy mastermind Zdar” in Paris, and there will be remixes of Dr Love by Edu K, A-Trak, Soft Tigers, and TKNIK. The first single, “Dr. Love” comes out May 19th in Australia, but they already finished shooting the video for it, so you can watch it at the bottom of this post. Now that’s a buzz!


If you want something much more weird, check out the Bumblebeez official website…

Bumblebeez – Dr. Love


2 Responses to “Buzz About New Album From Aussie Bumblebeez”

  1. Ashley said

    I love this video! The tattoos are awesome, especially the ducks. They have more songs on their myspace. Link:

  2. iVi said

    cool! thanks!

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