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New Beastie Boys Album – The Mix Up

Posted by Molli Fire on Wednesday, 2May07

Earlier i mentioned that the Beastie Boys were about to drop another album on us, and hinted at the idea of it being instrumental. i had heard rumor that it was, but lacked the proof, until now – the upcoming Beastie Boys album, The Mix Up is an instrumental album! Not just because the Boys are playing instruments, but also because there are no vocals! Post-punk instrumental is what they’re calling it. The Boys are planning a future album that will add vocals to these tracks by a diverse group of vocalists, many newer to the music scene.

This is a very common style of making music in Jamaica. First the music is created, called a riddim, then different vocalists will sing their own unique vocals and lyrics over the riddim. Usually many different songs will be made on the same riddim, and each new vocalist brings a totally new sound to it. They make the song their own by their vocal style, sometimes adding another melody with their voice to the melodies in the music, and with the lyrical content. There is a really strong Jamaican diaspora in NYC , particularly in Brooklyn. There are recording studios, musicians, venues, and radio stations, all putting out Jamaican music, so i imagine that the Beatie Boys must have had some exposure to all of it.




Read all about it, with plenty of vocals from the Beastie Boys themselves talking about the new record, over at pitchf*#k

For more info and links to cool BBoys stuff, click over to my earlier post about the album.


3 Responses to “New Beastie Boys Album – The Mix Up”

  1. ig said

    Cool review. Liked the Jamaican tradition take, which I wasn’t aware of at all. Do you happen to know who plays guitar in the new Beastie Boys album? Let me know if you do, I’m not sure myself.


  2. iVi said

    i wasn’t sure, when i first read your comment. my curiosity is pretty easy to pique, so i looked it up, on wiki of course. WIKI KNOWS ALL! so, what it said is that the original 1979-1980 lineup had Yauch on Bass, Mike D on vocals and Ad Rock had not yet joined. The next time they play instruments heavily, is Check Your Head, which had “Mike D on drums, Yauch on bass, Horovitz on guitar”… so, looks like Ad Rock is responsible for the guitar and Yauch for the bass. now we need never wonder again…

    killer question! i was actually wondering what the lineup was too, just hadn’t bothered to look yet…

  3. ig said

    Thanks a bunch!


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