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Vera Club- Concert Poster Art Book & DVD

Posted by Molli Fire on Thursday, 3May07

If you love quality concert posters, in the vein of Frank Kozik‘s legendary style, then you will probably love the eye candy that Niek Schutter and Ricky Van Durren have compiled for you. It’s called Rockin’ On Paper, and it’s a collection of vibrant concert posters from the Vera Club in Groningen, Netherlands.
The Vera website describes it best :

Rockin on Paper’ is a 320 pages full color history on the Vera Club and it’s posters. The Vera Club in Groningen has been renowned for being a cool place to perform for the Alternative Music Scene. Part of it’s charm are the posters: silk screened with lots of original artwork. Memento’s for both audience and band. This book contains a broad selection of the archived posters (more than 300) between the really early years and somewhere around 2005. Next to it a short historical overview of the Club and some personal memories on some of the -for a variety of reasons- more memorable performances. Interviews with: Lee Ranaldo, Mick Collins, Lou Barlow, Kim Gordon, David Yow, Ross Knight.
Text is in both Dutch and English.
With the book comes a DVD containing original live footage shot at and by the VERA Club itself. Exciting performances by:the Gunclub, Monster Magnet, Dead Moon,Giant Sand, Sebadoh,Cosmic Psychos, the Gories, the Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, Dinosaur jr., Sonic Youth and Beat Happening.


The DVD is equally exciting, check out this tracklist!

01 The Gun Club – “Ghost on the Highway”
02 Dead Moon – “54/40 or Fight”
03 Dead Moon – “I’m Wise”
04 Dead Moon – “Out on a Wire”
05 The Band of Blacky Ranchette – “Moon Over Memphis”
06 Sebadoh – “Sacred Attention”
07 Sebadoh – “Brand New Love”
08 Sebadoh – “Ride the Darker Wave”
09 Sonic Youth – “Schizophrenia”
10 Sonic Youth – “Expressway to Yr. Skull” (aka “The Crucifixion of Sean Penn” aka “Madonna, Sean and Me”)
11 Sonic Youth – “Pacific Coast Highway”
12 Sonic Youth – “Beauty Lies in the Eye”
13 Sonic Youth – “Tom Violence”
14 Sonic Youth – “White Kross”
15 Jon Spencer Blues Explosion – “Backslider”
16 Jon Spencer Blues Explosion – “History of Lies”
17 Jon Spencer Blues Explosion – “The Feeling of Love”
18 Jon Spencer Blues Explosion – “White Tail”
19 Cosmic Psychos – “Pub”
20 Cosmic Psychos – “Lost Cause”
21 Cosmic Psychos – “David Lee Roth”
22 Dinosaur Jr. – “The Lung”
23 Dinosaur Jr. – “Kracked”
24 The Gories – “To Find Out”
25 The Gories – “He’s Doin’ It”
26 The Gories – “Queenie”
27 Beat Happening – “Revolution Come and Gone”
28 Beat Happening – “Nancy Sin”
29 Beat Happening – “Fortune Cookie Prize”
30 Monster Magnet – “Medicine”

To order, go to this manic page.

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