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Live Earth Aussie Style – Sneaky Eskimo Ghost Wolf House

Posted by Molli Fire on Tuesday, 8May07

Australia is one of 7 continents that will host the 7 Live Earth Concerts on 07/07/2007 that will last for 24 hours total. Today, Live Earth announced the beginnings of a lineup for Sydney, Australia, which is actually where the entire concert series kicks off :

Live Earth Lineup For Aussie Stadium

Crowded House – reunited and going on a world tour!
John Butler Trio
Toni Collette and the Finish
Ghostwriters (former Midnight Oil drummer Rob Hirst)
Eskimo Joe
Paul Kelly
Sneaky Sound System
Blue King Brown
Jack Johnson

On a side note, Missy Higgins‘ “On a Clear Night” debuted at No. 1 this week on the Australian Recording Industry album chart.

Billboard has info on the concert’s broadcast on cable tv, radio, and webcast.

And, the official Live Earth MSN website should have plenty of info as well, including how to get tickets.

The 7 concerts conclude at Giants Stadium in New Jersey. i wonder if it is physically possible to see the entire concert from start to finish, or even attend all 7 in the 24 hour period? well, with the unlimited powers of the world wide web to bend time and space, we will be able to tune in to the entire 24 hours of entertainment without leaving our favorite chair….

2 Responses to “Live Earth Aussie Style – Sneaky Eskimo Ghost Wolf House”

  1. there’s also an official live earth blog for more details and stuff.

  2. iVi said

    Wow cool! thanks so much for the link! i will definitely check that out….

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