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A Green Day In Simpsons Movie

Posted by Molli Fire on Friday, 11May07

Rumor has been circulating that Green Day will get inked again, while speculation has been flying about whether the band plays a concert in the new Simpsons movie. Well, assume no longer! Matt Groening himself has confirmed it!

“Green Day is in the movie — I will publicly acknowledge that Green Day are in the movie,” “Simpsons” creator Matt Groening laughed. “They’re really good sports and I think we both honor them and ‘Simpson’-ize them. You can take that however you want. They’re really nice guys.”

Go to VH1 to watch one of the many trailers for “The Simpsons” movie. This one shows Green Day for a few seconds….

this one does not have GD in it…


Dan Castellaneta – Homer Simpson/Krusty the Clown

Julie Kavner – Marge Simpson

Nancy Cartwright – Bart Simpson

Yeardley Smith – Lisa Simpson

Hank Azaria – Actor/Actress

Pamela Hayden – Actor/Actress

Tress MacNeille – Actor/Actress

Harry Shearer – Actor/Actress

Erin Brockovich – Actor/Actress

Albert Brooks – Actor/Actress

Minnie Driver – Actor/Actress

Production Crew

Matt Groening – Producer

Matt Groening – Screenwriter

James L. Brooks – Producer

James L. Brooks – Screenwriter

David Mirkin – Screenwriter

David Silverman – Director

John Swartzwelder – Screenwriter

Ian Maxtone-Graham – Screenwriter

Jon Vitti – Screenwriter

Matt Selman – Screenwriter

Al Jean – Producer

Al Jean – Screenwriter

George Meyer – Screenwriter

Mike Reiss – Screenwriter

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