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Danja-man Bigs Up The Britney Spears

Posted by Molli Fire on Friday, 11May07

Danja-man Bigs Up Britney Spears

When i read Danja’s quote about the next Britney Spears single that will roll off her new album, i thought it was a warning, or a threat :

“You’re going to hear it getting ready to go to the clubs, while you’re getting your clothes on, in the car on the way to the clubs, everywhere. You’re just going to hear it. Be prepared.”

Super-saturation from the time i start my night until the time i get home from clubbin does not sound appealing. However, Nate “Danja” Hills, had such positive things to say about the untitled forthcoming album, that i stopped to listen for a minute. He’s been co-writing, producing, and mixing several songs that will be on the release, and his opinion of the whole sound, and especially Britney’s attitude and professionalism has been incredibly enthusiastic. Other song writers and producers working on this opus include Keri Hilson, Corte Ellis, Pharrell, Sean Garrett, Scott Storch, Dr. Luke, J.R. Rotem, Ne-Yo, T-Pain and Kara DioGuardi. B.Spears started the album last July, before all the publicized drama in her life, and has maintained the original concept she had for this album’s music – to be fun, upbeat, and enough energy to be a workout video – rather than detouring into a studio therapy sesh. Danja-man told MTV News, “There was no, ‘I need to let it all out.’ She said she deals with that in another way.” He also said that the Britney Spears represented on this album is “more mature” with a “bigger” sound.

OK, the real reason i gave this collab the time of day is Danja’s involvement. i have avoided all-things-Britney since day 1. But, as much as i hate to admit being a total sponge for marketing ploys, i like the new Britney more than i ever could have tolerated the old one. Being a mom seems pretty grounding, but reflecting on her career, age, level of fame, etc. reminds me of a young Drew Barrymore. Bmore and Britney both tested the Hollywood Destructo-formula – 1 adorable teen-aged girl +added+ to drug abuse, -subtracted- by growing up too fast, /divided by/ the pressure to have a grown-up image before finishing puberty, =equals= public spectacles, paparazzi fodder … eventually 1 reality check, xmultipliedx by character points earned, exponentially enhances a rediscovery of the talent that originally got her into this mess. i think falling-apart Britney has more authenticity than 17-y.o. Barbie Doll Britney. i might even give the new album a fair listen. i might even shake my bootie when i hear it.

Back to Danja, is he the same Danja Handz that is producing for M.I.A.’s upcoming Kala?


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