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KRS-One & Marley Marl Keep Hip Hop Alive

Posted by Molli Fire on Thursday, 17May07

Have you ever wondered what would happen if you mashed KRS-One lyrics over Marley Marl beats? Seems like a mashup would be the only way to hear that happen, since the pair ignited one of the fiercest hip hop feuds in the mid-80’s. The NYC artists feel so strongly about proving that “Hip Hop Is Not Dead” that they have put the past behind them and compiled a full album of fresh, “real” hip hop, called HIP HOP LIVES. The album will be released by Koch Records on May 22nd.

Hip Hop Lives

Track Listing

1. It’s Alive (Intro)
2. Hip-Hop Lives
3. Nothing New
4. I Was There
5. Musika feat. Magic Juan
6. Rising To The Top
7. On Top Of My Game
8. M.A.R.L.E.Y. (Marley And Red Living Everday Youthfully)
9. Kill A Rapper
10. The Teacha’s Back
11. The Victory feat. Blaq Poet
12. This Is What It Is
13. All Skool
14. House of Hits feat. Chief Rocker Busy Bee

Click here to check out the video for “Hip Hop Lives” complimentary of Koch Records.



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