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HearingTest Has Its Own Home Now!

Posted by Molli Fire on Monday, 9July07

Hello lovely readers!! I have finally returned from my travels, and I have been working so very diligently on the new HearingTest website so that it would be perfect and ready to launch this week. Well, despite shunning the outside world and working on it all weekend, it is not yet perfect, but it is ready to launch. I must admit, I am launching it a bit earlier than I had intended, but I can’t help it. It is SO much easier and more fun to use than this one. Sad but true. I adore wordpress, and if I had used any other blog platform to start this blog, I probably would not have kept it up this long, nor seen a strong future in it. But this blog has truly inspired me, and so I am moving to it to its own domain, and I am bringing the wordpress software with me! I hope you like the new site. It needs work, maybe even a lot of it, so I will be tweaking all kind of things in the next 2 weeks until it is just right. Soon it will be just like this one, with more features to play with. I apologize to everyone who has to switch to the new feed – that is the one real drag about moving. The new address will require new bookmarks and new feeds, so please change the ones that you use. I will continue to add the teaser posts here, until everyone has had a chance to find the new place. I will also be mentioning the new place in every post until I feel that everyone has seen the news. So, sorry about the redundancy.
Get the Early Bird’s view of the new site:

Just don’t forget that it’s in Beta mode for the next 2 weeks! And please let me know if you encounter any problems. Thank Jah I am doing this now, while HearingTest is just a baby! I can’t imagine what a pain in the arse this would be if I had a super well-established blog…

Thank you so much for reading HearingTest! Please keep reading on the new site! It will only get better and better!
Much respect,
~Molli Fire~

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