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About The Author

i live in a dirty urban neighborhood where there are lots of tires squealing and trunks bumpin. i write music news and reviews for my bread and snowboarding fees. i participate in an amazing soundsystem collective that never ceases to inspire me by keeping the true spirit of music and creativity alive and thriving despite all the pressures of commercialization, rent, bills, starvation, rising prices on everything….. i strive to keep this spirit in my writing while keeping the big boss content that i am reporting news that somebody besides me wants to read.

i produce noisy jeepcore jungle hyphy dub music. lots of bass, crunchy beats. i love jamaican and uk influenced music.  i also play guitar in a doom metal band.  i support noncommercial DIY artists whenever possible. i’ve been involved in the music business for 11 years. this is my first blog.
feel free to email me if you have feedback, want more info on something or someone i wrote about, or if you want to send music to be reviewed.

if you have any advice or tips or links, please send them my way!

hearing test at  g mail d0t com is the place to go. no spaces and put the @ and .com where they belong.

to give you an idea of where my heart really jumps musically :

dub, ragga, jungle, good hip hop, grime, dubstep, drone metal, sludge metal, glitchy ambient, noise, punk

lee perry, mad professor, sly and robbie, general levy, pato banton, deportee, _theStapler_ kid 606, aaron spectre, the coup, cannibal ox, wu tang, keak da sneak, e40, wiley, S.N.O., trimmer, kode9, burial, earth, boris, sunn o))), nadja, 666 gangstaz, t113, pan sonic, nommo ogo, yeah yeah yeahs, holy fuck, benga, eats tapes, 8 frozen modules, chopstick dubplate, knifehandchop, liars….

thanks for reading!

~miss iVi~

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