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Creative Commons License

work is licensed under a
Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 License.

This includes everything composed, created, and/or compiled under the names iVi, Molli Fire, or Hearing Test and their derivatives. if you use any content that i wrote, you had better attribute it to me and this blog.
DIY studio 2007
creative commons

i’m a pretty nice gyal. i like to share things that inspire me, i like to promote musical talent when i find it. i am naive enough to think that if someone posts something on the internet on a public website, that it is their intent to promote this work, including a desire to spread the information, music, artwork, band, etc. to as many new people as possible.

IF I PUBLISH SOMETHING THAT INCLUDES YOUR WORK, OR A LINK TO YOUR WORK, and you want me to remove the work or link, please email me and i will delete it promptly.

i understand that blogs and social networking can generate a lot of attention, which is easily handled by major companies, but can accidentally abuse the bandwidth of the independent, grassroots, DIY organizations, communities, and music resources that i am most excited to post about. So, don’t be afraid to ask me to remove something that you are hosting! (even if you are not the rights holder – in most cases, i write about bands/labels/music/people i admire and respect. i do not want to inconvenience these same people, regardless of their relationship to what is kindly hosted on their server.)

Also, i do not want to impose on anyone’s intellectual property, online rights, emotional attachment, inherent need for control, or popular misinformed concepts of legal ownership. If you have any reason at all for why you want me to remove content that quotes, refers, links, etc. to any work attempted, accomplished or purchased by you, please do not hesitate to email me with a simple request. in this case, i will want to know what your relationship to the art/work is. (just to be square about who is making the request)

ALL LINKS AND FILES LINKED FROM THIS SITE WERE FOUND ON THE WWW. all music files and links to music files found on my website or in my mog/blog are assumed to be uploaded and endorsed by the original artists and rights holders. i do not upload the music, i simply link to it. therefore i am not responsible or liable for the content on other websites. i take care to research the artists that i write about, and when possible, get permission directly for the promotion and sharing of the music’s location on the internet. whenever possible, i will emphasize links to music and audio works that are cc, some rights reserved, or anti-copyright. i try my best to support music and artists that are not copyrighted, or are enthusiastic about sharing work that they create/own.

Lastly, i consider all art – whether music, words, graphics, or any creative endeavor – to be a work in progress. As an artist and musician, i can appreciate the need to revise, improve, and decomission pieces that were previously thought to be ready for public release. If you have made changes to a piece that is reproduced or quoted here, please let me know where to find the updated work.

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