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Suzanne Vega Shares Her Thoughts About New Album On Podcast

Posted by Molli Fire on Tuesday, 22May07

Suzanne Vega is back with a new album out on June 5th. Beauty & Crime is her 7th album but, marks Vega’s debut on Blue Note Records.

Suzanne Vega - Beauty And Crime - NYC


1.Zephyr & I
2.Ludlow Street
3.New York Is A Woman
4.Pornographer’s Dream
5.Frank & Ava
6.Edith Wharton’s Figurines
9.As You Are Now
10.Angel’s Doorway

The album is a narrative about her personal experiences in Spanish Harlem, Manhattan, and all around the city of New York where she grew up and still resides. The album sounds like a storybook map of NYC as read by Vega herself. The album has hard luck, love, even graffiti, as well as an all-star cast of musicians and producers:

Will Malone (Dido, Seal, Corrine Bailey Rae) – orchestral arranger
KT Tunstall – background vocals and vocal arranger
Gerry Leonard (David Bowie) and Lee Ranaldo (Sonic Youth) on guitars
Tony Shanahan (Patti Smith) – bassist

Plus og members of Suzanne’s band, Mike Visceglia on bass guitar and Doug Yowell on drums.

Well right now you can grab a video podcast of Vega describing her experiences and thoughts about making this album and shedding even more light on the narrative that Beauty & Crime offers about growing up in NYC.
Alas, this is another iTunes only podcast, so if you use this format, go get it. And, as usual, if that link does not work, please let me know…
Enjoy Wanbli! I am also looking forward to this album very much. It has been too long since we heard Ms. Vega’s sultry voice.

Hotter Than 98.6F

Suzanne Vega Is Hotter Than 98.6 F In Red

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Vera Club- Concert Poster Art Book & DVD

Posted by Molli Fire on Thursday, 3May07

If you love quality concert posters, in the vein of Frank Kozik‘s legendary style, then you will probably love the eye candy that Niek Schutter and Ricky Van Durren have compiled for you. It’s called Rockin’ On Paper, and it’s a collection of vibrant concert posters from the Vera Club in Groningen, Netherlands.
The Vera website describes it best :

Rockin on Paper’ is a 320 pages full color history on the Vera Club and it’s posters. The Vera Club in Groningen has been renowned for being a cool place to perform for the Alternative Music Scene. Part of it’s charm are the posters: silk screened with lots of original artwork. Memento’s for both audience and band. This book contains a broad selection of the archived posters (more than 300) between the really early years and somewhere around 2005. Next to it a short historical overview of the Club and some personal memories on some of the -for a variety of reasons- more memorable performances. Interviews with: Lee Ranaldo, Mick Collins, Lou Barlow, Kim Gordon, David Yow, Ross Knight.
Text is in both Dutch and English.
With the book comes a DVD containing original live footage shot at and by the VERA Club itself. Exciting performances by:the Gunclub, Monster Magnet, Dead Moon,Giant Sand, Sebadoh,Cosmic Psychos, the Gories, the Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, Dinosaur jr., Sonic Youth and Beat Happening.


The DVD is equally exciting, check out this tracklist!

01 The Gun Club – “Ghost on the Highway”
02 Dead Moon – “54/40 or Fight”
03 Dead Moon – “I’m Wise”
04 Dead Moon – “Out on a Wire”
05 The Band of Blacky Ranchette – “Moon Over Memphis”
06 Sebadoh – “Sacred Attention”
07 Sebadoh – “Brand New Love”
08 Sebadoh – “Ride the Darker Wave”
09 Sonic Youth – “Schizophrenia”
10 Sonic Youth – “Expressway to Yr. Skull” (aka “The Crucifixion of Sean Penn” aka “Madonna, Sean and Me”)
11 Sonic Youth – “Pacific Coast Highway”
12 Sonic Youth – “Beauty Lies in the Eye”
13 Sonic Youth – “Tom Violence”
14 Sonic Youth – “White Kross”
15 Jon Spencer Blues Explosion – “Backslider”
16 Jon Spencer Blues Explosion – “History of Lies”
17 Jon Spencer Blues Explosion – “The Feeling of Love”
18 Jon Spencer Blues Explosion – “White Tail”
19 Cosmic Psychos – “Pub”
20 Cosmic Psychos – “Lost Cause”
21 Cosmic Psychos – “David Lee Roth”
22 Dinosaur Jr. – “The Lung”
23 Dinosaur Jr. – “Kracked”
24 The Gories – “To Find Out”
25 The Gories – “He’s Doin’ It”
26 The Gories – “Queenie”
27 Beat Happening – “Revolution Come and Gone”
28 Beat Happening – “Nancy Sin”
29 Beat Happening – “Fortune Cookie Prize”
30 Monster Magnet – “Medicine”

To order, go to this manic page.

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The Melvins Will Tour With Cartoon Dalek?

Posted by Molli Fire on Thursday, 5April07

the Speakeasy PR newsletter announced today that The Melvins will return to the road with a mid-September through October 2007 run of dates. but there is something different about this tour – the opening act. it’s a bizarre cartoon character…. read on:

What do Jon Spencer, Grant Hart (Husker Du), The Melvins and David Yow have in common? Dalek.
Dalek, the pop artist best known for his weapon-wielding rodent, alongside Amphetamine Reptile’s Tom Hazelmeyer, brought all of the above musicians together for a soundtrack to animated versions of his highly sought after works. The result is “A Purge Of Dissidents” which is both a CD, DVD and 30+ page book. Release is now JUNE 5 on Ipecac. The animated soundtrack will serve as the opening “act” on The Melvins fall tour.


it’s actually not the first time that the band has collaborated with a cartoon friend. they have also added their eccentric style to Qee –



















Juxtapoz Magazine recently attended Dalek’s latest art opening and there are lots of fantastic pictures to gawk at on the Jux website as well as the Gallery website.


Dalek has an exhibit open at the Jonathan Levine Gallery in NYC that will run until April 28th. Mars 1 also has an exhibit at the Gallery that will run until April 28th 2007.

but then, how could you expect anything less from these guys –

more music and info for The Melvins :








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Graf artist, cartoonist, skate photographer and more NYC march 17th!

Posted by Molli Fire on Thursday, 15March07

Flavorpill announces this event for NYC on March 17th, 2007 :

SweetTalk 20 NYC
when: Sat 3.17 (2-9pm)
where: Center for Architecture (536 LaGuardia Pl, 212.683.0023)
price: $20
details: Event Info

In case you need another reason to love the Emerald Isle, Irish indie-design mag CANDY and image specialists Veer present the first stateside installation of their mini-con on St. Paddy’s Day. SweetTalk NYC brings Designers Republic alum and Build founder Michael C. Place, art crusader and irreverent Dubliner cartoonist BrenB, hardcore hero and skater shutterbug Glen E. Friedman, and graf legend Dalek together with three more of their contemporaries for informally curated conversations about inspiration and their respective creations. Past forums have yielded spectacles like black-lit, neon-tagged Perspex walls, hot-seat Q&As, and felt-tipped mural collaborations, and tonight’s alternative to the more pedestrian pub crawl promises to be even more memorable.

– IB

Other speakers include – Michael Gillette, Timothy Saccenti, and Elisabeth Arkiphoff.
Dalek is a big deal out here in SF. We’re big on skate/graf/comic stuff. This is a little conference of all that yumminess. once AgAin, i wish i was in NYC this week for all the amazing art shows going on RIGHT NOW!


Candy has a great website with more information about the conference. They label themselves as the “world’s largest independent free creative magazine”!

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Banksy Artwork Destroyed in Bristol

Posted by Molli Fire on Tuesday, 13March07

BBC News reported today that a “valuable 25ft-long artwork” on the side of a garage in Bristol, was accidentally painted over by graffiti-removal contractors. The giant tag was painted by the infamous artist, Banksy, in his early days. Since then, his artwork has sold to art collectors for 50-100,000 Pounds Sterling.

The mural that was, is now blank :Banksy

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Sao Paulo Graff in NYC February 17 – March 17, 2007

Posted by Molli Fire on Sunday, 4March07

this is the art show that i really want to attend. too bad i’m in cali…

highgraf.jpg kboco sao paulo

Ruas de São Paulo:
A Survey of Brazilian Street Art from São Paulo
Presented in association with Choque Cultural Gallery

Artists Included: Boleta, Fefê, Highraff, Kboco, Onesto, Speto, Titi Freak, and Zezão

Opening reception – Saturday, February 17th, 6pm-9pm

February 17, 2007
through March 17, 2007


NEW YORK (January, 2007) — On February 17, 2007, Jonathan LeVine Gallery, in association with Choque Cultural Gallery, presents Ruas de São Paulo: A Survey of Brazilian Street Art From São Paulo, featuring artists Boleto, Fefê, Highraff, Kboco, Onesto, Speto, Titi Freak, and Zezão. This landmark exhibition will be on view through March 17, 2007 in a newly renovated and expanded gallery space, which will cover approximately 4500 square feet, creating an arena for one of the largest events ever to take place at Jonathan LeVine Gallery. An opening reception will be held on Saturday, February 17, from 6p.m. to 9p.m. at Jonathan LeVine Gallery.

Ruas de São Paulo allows eight Brazilian street artists to present their non-traditional painting styles and native culture. Choque Cultural Gallery, based in São Paulo, will collaborate on this exhibition of contemporary Brazilian art, and explore Brazil’s graffiti heritage and influence on current South American mural art. Ruas de São Paulo will offer exposure for these talented artists in the art capital of the world, bringing recognition to a growing international graffiti art scene. For many of the artists, this will be their first time traveling to and showcasing their work in the United States. This will be the first group exhibition of its kind, a distinct collaboration between Jonathan LeVine Gallery and Choque Cultural Gallery.

Video monitors featuring short video clips of interviews with artists, footage of site-specific murals in Brazil, as well as the Choque Cultural Gallery exhibition space and São Paulo artist community, will be on view.

Choque Cultural Gallery’s pivotal role in creating an environment where artists congregate, collaborate, and share ideas, and the story of this “new Brazilian art” is explored in documentaries highlighting the vibrant lifestyle of the Brazilian street art scene. The film ‘Zezão’s Art & Life’ (55 minutes) will feature Baixo and Mariana Ribeiro, owners of Choque Cultural Gallery, who explain Zezão’s creative process and the influence of his urban experiences in his fine art.

Ruas de São Paulo captures the changing Brazilian urban landscape, raw and uninhibited graffiti scene, and is a snapshot of a thriving movement stemming from a rich political and poetic history. A city destroyed by pichação (markings originating from inner-city, impoverished neighborhoods), these young, innovative Brazilian muralists are now transforming, and beautifying, the city of São Paulo. The result is a hybrid of graffiti and mural art, a cultural reflection of contemporary São Paulo. Viewers can observe the influence São Paulo has had on each artist through their individual style, which combines a distinctly Brazilian aesthetic with talent, innovation, and imagination. Each of the eight artists will present more than a dozen individual works, including acrylic and spray-painting on wood, canvas, paper and found objects.


SPETO , at 34 years old, is one of Brazil’s most popular street artists. He attributes his visual style to hip-hop influences, local popular culture, and eclectic world styles. Speto’s original graffiti blends lines of traditional Brazilian northeastern woodcarving styles with sophisticated textures and figurative imagery. Working in variety of mediums, including murals, illustration, and graphics, he fuses modern techniques with Brazilian cultural heritage to create a distinctive form of street art.
BOLETA 29, represents the psychedelic side of Brazilian graffiti. Influenced primarily by tattoo themes, the construction of his drawings results in an
original style — rich with line work, colors, interesting forms and figures.

FEFÊ TALAVERA , 27, graduated with a focus in fine arts, but found that street art was the fuel she was looking for to give more strength to her ideas. Her most well known work is made of gluing cut out letterings from popular concert-announcement posters found on almost every wall in São Paulo. Fefê also has an extensive vocabulary present in her paintings, drawings, and carvings. She is inspired by Mayan and Aztec mythologies, and Mexican heritage.

ALEX HORNEST , 30, has a striking history in Brazilian graffiti. He has 72 different signatures, one for each working concept, which he identifies as “72 d.i.e.s.e.l.” The oldest signature, Onesto, is recognized primarily for portraits of fantastic beings. Alex Hornest blends these different visual codes and intertwines their styles to create stunning imagery.
RAFAEL CALAZANS , 29, whose codename is Highraff, creates imagery of cities and colorful landscapes, with vibrant results. In his latest body of work, Highraff develops his drawings by adding a three-dimensional component. Through use of MDF material, he turns mural imagery into elaborate sceneries and sculptures. His process creates depth and design of monumental proportions.

KBOCO , 27 years old, was born and raised in Goiânia, an innermost city of Brazil. His drawing style —— strongly influenced by his origins —— is more ornate and delicate than those found in the city São Paulo. He has developed an original calligraphy mixing arabesques and “pichação”. His styles has a strong decorative appeal resulting in elaborate paintings, full of layers, details and refined colors.

TITI FREAK 32, draws inspirations from his Japanese heritage. His style fuses eastern and western cultures, where fashion, pop imagery, illustration, yo-yo, graffiti and comic strips intertwine. He maintains a curious spirit, through an exploration of painting surfaces and the creation of elaborate and densely patterned canvases.

ZEZÃO , 34, is one of the leaders of Brazilian abstract graffiti. His trademark arabesques have roots in the Brazilian style of tagging letters called “pixação”. His most striking works are creations in the São Paulo sewer system and subterranean water ducts.


Choque Cultural is a contemporary art gallery exhibiting pop, outsider art. Since its first exhibition in 2004, Choque Cultural Gallery has become a safe harbor for artists inspired by an eclectic mix of origins including tattoo, graffiti, graphic design and illustration.

Choque Cultural is a contemporary art gallery exhibiting pop, outsider art. Since its first exhibition in 2004, Choque Cultural Gallery has become a safe harbor for artists inspired by an eclectic mix of origins including tattoo, graffiti, graphic design and illustration.

Choque Cultural is based in São Paulo, Brazil — a city known for vibrant street art, talented graffiti artists, and culturally expressive art. All this creative energy ignites inside the gallery with its ever-changing environment. Each exhibition is a creative installation and reflection of the contemporary Brazilian street art movement.

Choque Cultural has an important role in cultivating these emerging art forms and cutting-edge contemporary styles. Through fresh and unconventional programs, Choque Cultural receives a loyal following of young collectors and prominent recognition in the Brazilian contemporary art world.

Titi Freak

my fave graf artists are not representing at the one in nyc, but i think it will be rad to see some less-known painters.
Nina and Os Gemeos are the ones that turned me on to the vibrant and oversized bombs that are possible in brazil. There is a fantastic website called Lost Art which has gorgeous photos of Os G’s art –

Nina has pieces preserved in the fine book, Graffiti Women.

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