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Bjork Updates, Streaming Audio, Concert Reports

Posted by Molli Fire on Tuesday, 8May07

More news streaming in about Bjork, Volta, and her recent concert at the United Palace in NYC. NPR has the latest scoop – which includes a slideshow of pix from the concert, audio of Bjork (as promised in their announcement that the concert would be broadcast and archived) and separate audio of Konono No1’s performance.
NPR also has 2 interviews that you can listen to – one with Bjork collaborator and electronic musician Damien Taylor, and the other with two members of Bjork’s all-female, all-Icelandic brass band.

May 5th United Palace Set List

“Cover Me”
“Earth Intruders”
“Dull Flame of Desire”
“I See Who You Are”
“Pleasure is All Mine”
“Pagan Poetry”
“Army of Me”
“Declare Independence” (encore)

and don’t forget that Volta was released today, RUN to your nearest outlet and absorb the wonderful weirdness we call Bjork…




read more about Bjork : news and updates

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Smashing Pumpkins Gets Robbed, Leaked, Hexed!

Posted by Molli Fire on Tuesday, 8May07

Smashing Pumpkins‘ rehearsal space at the Music Garage was robbed! Apparently the brilliant theives were not after guitars, amps and items of resale value, but rather were overzealous fans or professional leaksters who wanted memorabilia connected to the band’s upcoming release. Consequently, the photos were uploaded and linked on the Smashing Pumpkins fansite, Netphoria, which has been removed by the webmaster, and the criminals were locked away in a secure jail cell. The album in question, which will henceforth be called Evidence A, is called Zeitgeist and will be released on July 7th. That’s 07/07/07, exactly seven years since their last release! Unfortunately, it is only their 6th album. i almost wish they would release something before then, just to make it all 7’s….

Statement on the Music Garage Incident

As many of you are aware there was an incident here yesterday where an individual posted stolen pictures from the Smashing Pumpkins when they were rehearsing at the Music Garage. What this person did amounts to theft and band takes this very seriously as does Netphoria. I know everyone here is hungry for more information on the new album but this is not the way to go about it. Nobody here should condone or be supportive of the actions this individual took. It is unfortunate that the person choose Netphoria to leak these stolen works, Netphoria has always been a free and open forum without hard censorship but obviously in a case like this a line was crossed and I will not tolerate actions like this which is why numerous posts and threads were deleted last night. The band requested the stolen pictures be removed and I believe they are well within their right to do so. Anyone posting these pictures on the board, posting links to them or including them in your signature will be banned as a result. Despite this ugly event there may be some good to come out of it, some lines of communication have been opened and hopefully Netphoria & the Pumpkins will be able to offer something for the fans here, stay tuned….

Zeitgeist Tracklist:

01 Doomsday Clock
02 7 Shades of Black
03 Orchid
04 That’s the Way
05 Tarantula
06 Starz
07 United States
08 Never Lost
09 Bring the Light
10 Come On (Let’s Go)
11 For God and Country
12 Pomp and Circumstance

Smashing Pumpkins dates:

05-22 Paris, France – Grand Rex
05-24 Luxembourg City, Luxembourg – Den Atelier
05-26 Brussels, Belgium – Ancienne Belgique
05-28 Landgraaf, Netherlands – Megaland (Pinkpop Festival)
05-31 Barcelona, Spain – Primavera Sound Festival
06-02 Nürburgring, Germany – Nürburgring Race Track (Rock am Ring)
06-03 Nuremburg, Germany – Zeppelinfeld (Rock im Park)
06-06 Berlin, Germany – Columbiahalle
06-09 Lisbon, Portugal – Lisbon Festival
06-12 Madrid, Spain – Pepe World Festival
06-15 Nickelsdorf, Austria – Nova Rock Festival
06-16 Venice, Italy – Heineken Jammin’ Festival
06-17 Interlaken, Switzerland – Greenfield Festival
07-07 East Rutherford, NJ – Giants Stadium (Live Earth Festival) The Day Of ZEITGEISTs Release!
08-05 Baltimore, MD – Pimlico Park (Virgin Festival)
08-24 Leeds, England – Leeds Festival
08-26 Reading, England – Reading Festival
09-01 Istanbul, Turkey – Rock n Coke Festival
09-08 Montreal, Quebec – Osheaga Festival
09-09 Toronto, Ontario – Virgin Festival

More Links

By the by, Smashing Pumpkins recommends the band The Subways on their my$pace page:
Find The Subways my$pace page: Right Here.

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Digg Community Digs Grave For Digg

Posted by Molli Fire on Thursday, 3May07

Undertaker, build me a coffin.  No, no, no, make that 2.  One for the selector blogger, one for the mourner Digger…


The biggest story on the web today concerns a user revolt on the popular bookmark site, Digg. It started when somebody published a hack code that removes the copy-protection from HD DVDs. Naturally, this became big news and was a top post on Digg among many other bookmark sites. According to Digg staff member, Jay Adelson :

We’ve been notified by the owners of this intellectual property that they believe the posting of the encryption key infringes their intellectual property rights.

Digg then proceeded to delete the posts that contained the hack code, and suspend the members who posted it. As it turns out, the community who participates in Digg, without which Digg would not exist, being that it is a social bookmarking site decided to make it crystal clear who decides the news. Digg was bombarded with posts that contained the code, and had to make a decision – wholesale deletion and suspension, or give in to the masses. i’ll let Digg’s founder, Kevin Rose tell you what they did :

In building and shaping the site I’ve always tried to stay as hands on as possible. We’ve always given site moderation (digging/burying) power to the community. Occasionally we step in to remove stories that violate our terms of use (eg. linking to pornography, illegal downloads, racial hate sites, etc.). So today was a difficult day for us. We had to decide whether to remove stories containing a single code based on a cease and desist declaration. We had to make a call, and in our desire to avoid a scenario where Digg would be interrupted or shut down, we decided to comply and remove the stories with the code.

But now, after seeing hundreds of stories and reading thousands of comments, you’ve made it clear. You’d rather see Digg go down fighting than bow down to a bigger company. We hear you, and effective immediately we won’t delete stories or comments containing the code and will deal with whatever the consequences might be.

If we lose, then what the hell, at least we died trying.

Digg on,


There you have it. The power of the people always wins when they unite to overwhelm the system. Of course, it helps if it is a system that you actually want to destroy. Personally, i always thought that Digg was corrupt. It has been pretty well documented that the system is rigged.

Viva La Revolucion!

personally, i’m just too anti-social to get that involved in social bookmarking. this blog has been a big leap for me. don’t get me wrong, i have a great circle of friends who are amazing, and we organize shows, play music, and all that, so i guess i’m social…. it’s the networking i don’t really get into much….

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Bjork, Volta – Audio, New Interviews, Live Broadcast

Posted by Molli Fire on Tuesday, 1May07

NPR Radio – Live Broadcast Plus New Interview/Article

Community radio giant NPR announced today that they will be transmitting a live broadcast of Bjork’s full concert from the United Palace in New York. It airs approximately 8pm ET on Saturday, May 5th. Until then you can get your Bjork fix for the day by reading the lovely article NPR has posted, where they discuss the upcoming album with Bjork herself. She relates more about the creative energy and turbid state that inspired this more aggressive and more political side of her. As she tells NPR at one point :

“It’s about being exhausted with the self-importance of religion, and thinking, ‘okay, wait a minute, maybe we are one tribe, and we’re actually part of nature, and trying to suggest some kind of patent for that.”

Definitely check that out on NPR. The concert series will also be broadcasting a solo concert by Ben Gibbard, live from Washington, D.C.’s 9:30 Club on Thursday, May 10. More about that on this NPR page.



Volta Audio Links

You can also listen to these songs from the soon-to-be-released Volta

MOG posts that have Volta tracks :

One More New Article And Interview In NYTimes

Plus, these audio interviews with Bjork from the latest NYTimes article:

It’s a great article with more snippets like these interspersed throughout. Check it out at NYTimes<

Finally, here is a video of Bjork performing “Innocence”, from the Laugardalsholl concert on 9th April 2007:

Support Community Radio – SAVE INTERNET RADIO

If you like to get live concerts broadcast for free on public radio, and you would like to continue enjoying the great programming that stations like NPR provide, then you better get your rear in gear and SAVE INTERNET RADIO! Everybody is qualified to perform at least one of the actions being promoted to help stop the Copyright Royalty Board from sabataging our access to non-commercial radio from around the globe. To find out what you can do, visit SAVE NET RADIO – and hurry! There are only 13 days left until the retro-active fines are imposed. That’s only 13 days until the day the music died if we don’t speak up loudly!




read more about Bjork : news and updates




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Crimea Release New Album For Free!

Posted by Molli Fire on Monday, 30April07

UK indie pop musicans The Crimea, are officially indie. The real indie, as in independent. Not just because Warner dropped them from their american label last year, more so because their upcoming new release Secrets Of The Witching Hour will be available as a net release starting May 13th. Total cost to download – $0.00. It’s free. It is a ploy to attract more fans, more future record buyers. But, isn’t that the way music should be marketed? If you enchant enough people that want to hear more of your music, enough to support recording another album, then do you really need all the other hassle? The Crimea are certainly worth a listen. This music isn’t my cup of tea, but i like it enough to suggest it to people who like enchanting pop music. Not Bjork enchanting, but maybe Spiritualized when they aren’t playing Spectrum stuff. And i fully support the DIY punk ethic behind it. i LOVE net releases! So do go check it out!


They just released this late breaking news :

‘The Witching Hour is Upon us…’ – Monday, April 30, 2007

To be super quick, we’re pushing the free on-line release to… now!!! ‘Secrets Of The Witching Hour’ is ready to go, and awaiting your MP3 player of choice everywhere as of NOW.
Just head towards
and let your mouse do the work. Nice and simple.

That’s it for the moment. We’re in Beijing at the moment and are proud to announce we’ve been made cultural envoys of the Wang Jing district, Beijing. Come and see us on our UK shows for a full explanation, it’s a bizarre one, but worthwile…

Lots of Love

The Crimea

You can listen to a few tracks on the band page.

Net Labels

For more great net releases and internet record labels, check out :


i can’t get enough of these 2 lately. On JAHTARIs page, be sure to click on tapes. You can listen to mix tapes of wicked roots style dub, you know, tape machines, spacey echoes, and the heavy pressure of the drum and the bass. But it’s all made with old Ataris and C64s or something equally weird sounding…. NoiseUsse just changed their whole site design and now it looks like a blog, when it is actually a Net Label. Loads of glitchy breaky digital electronica and enchanting atmospheric shoegaze music made by people with really interesting shoes, or heroes of the sludge metal underground. NoiseUsse albums are only available as net releases. All the music on both of these sites is FREE!

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Hacking The Social Network To Get To The Top

Posted by Molli Fire on Monday, 30April07

Before I end the detour into posting about HearingTest and internet technical info, I want to add a few things….

This Here WordPress Blog

I like to read about all kinds of things and i’m fascinated with how things work. I have a terrible habit of dismantling things, especially electronic things, to see how they work. If they weren’t broken to begin with, I am good at getting them back together. One of my many obstacles in life turns up when I take things apart that don’t work for some reason. I leave them “exploded” – scattered bits about 1/16th inch away from where they were nestled together as a cohesive whole. I leave them that way while I try to find the part that will make them work again. This would be fine, except they tend to multiply. Many little unfinished projects with their guts exposed.

I can’t do this with the web. If something can’t be fixed properly, I have to figure out a backup plan that will work. Which brings us to the current design and layout going on here at the HearingTest HQ. WordPress worked on fixing the sidebar/widget problems this morning, and seems to have resolved it. For some reason, it’s not working for me. I have a dead widgets dashboard. I can’t mess with ’em. So what am i going to do now?

(shrugs) nothing.

It really doesn’t bother me too much, as long as all the correct info is there. I’d actually like this layout if the sidebars were on the left. And, i wanted to change the CSS for this site soon enuff anyway. So, maybe this will do until I get a chance to write up a stylesheet, it might increase my motivation to get on that. Or, maybe i will figure out how to get the old design working again. Either way, it means there will be a bit of a construction zone goin on here for a short time. I apologize, I hope no one is actually inconvenienced, though i hardly think a person could be inconvenienced by this site.

Technorati favorites, Digg, Top blogs, And other Social Networking Issues In Web 2.0

I’m A Tinkerer

Part of my fascination with how things work extends to the web. I learned programming at a very early age – I was writing programs on a Commodore 64 that would tutor me on french when I was about 12 – so I am intrigued with SEO, accessibility, user interface, and such things. This is one of the reasons I thoroughly enjoy reading Problogger, even though i have almost no interest in making money from the blog itself. Sure, i have that link to Threadless Tshirts in the sidebar, which generates a whopping $3 credit in the store for me if someone were to use that link AND buy a shirt. (have you seen that link? oh you really should, it’s near the bottom. have you seen Threadless Tshirts? They are SO nice!) ;) But i digress. I read Problogger because I find it interesting. It’s useful, often has specific info on topics that are of interest to any website manager, and I like that he values reader interaction and quality of content more than what the web-surfing robots think. You know, the robots who decide things like blog rank and top posts and such.

Technorati Favorite Swapping

This weekend, I learned of yet another web 2.0 obsession – swapping favorite blog links. It is a game that some people play to get ahead on the web. The idea is to get enough people to add your blog address to their favorite blogs list on Technorati so that you get into the Top 100 Favorited Blogs. Darren, the author of Problogger, wrote a post about the dynamics of this game and whether being in the top 100 was a huge advantage or not. He has a great perspective in this matter, being #3 on the list, and it is valuable to get a glimpse of what he can see from there. Especially because he does not use this swapping method to get ahead in the rank. His post got me thinking about such methods, and I just thought I would put them here for the record. Think of this as an editorial in the Opinion section…

Put Down The Mouse, It’s Time To Get Some Fresh Air

Towards the end of that post, Darren offered up his honest opinion of the tactic. He said “This might not be popular – but I think that the practice of swapping favorites is a little sad and that the energy that some bloggers are putting into doing it could be much better spent by actually engaging with readers and encouraging genuine relationships to be formed.” I couldn’t agree more. The funny thing is that some people got really upset. Some even went so far as to use expletives in their comments! Getting heated about a topic like this displays how some people identify themselves with their blogs too much. MANY people in this cyber world need to step away from their computers and get some air. And some perspective. Take a walk, or a vacation. Seriously, it’s a blog, a web log of some series of events and personal experiences. Blogs may be taking over the web, but they should not be allowed to take over our lives. I say this even as someone who has spent 16 hours/day on my laptop every day for the last 2 weeks. I have not had any day off, I have been eating pizza and chinese, drinking too much coffee, and going insane. However, this is really unusual for me. I love the outside world, I love dancing and kung fu, I love huge stacks of speakers playing dub music, I especially love fresh air!

Every Man And Woman Is A Star

Blogs, writing, coding, programming, designing, and all computer based careers cause pixel burn to the eyes, a lack of social skills, stiff joints, sore backs, and a host of other problems. Why would i want to identify with these things? I find it a little scary that we, as an online population are getting so involved in web 2.0 that some people are beginning to internalize their online personas. Granted, your blog is a personal experience, and it probably follows the same moral standards that you adhere to in “real” life. But really, why take it so seriously?
I can appreciate the spirit of experimentation that this game began with (supposedly), but these types of trading, gaming, etc. is really just cheating. Is it more important to see inflated stats, rather than have any clue if someone actually likes the work being presented? For some, I suppose it is. But in the end, it’s just an illusion. I’d rather have one genuine reader than 100 fake ones. At least I would know if I was blogging to a brick wall in cyberspace. Plus, I hate it when a good idea, and a useful tool gets ruined by people who abuse it and exploit it, thereby making the tool completely inaccurate and useless. Well, for me, and my web persona, we’re gonna stick with integrity and moral highground. Even if it means we look insignificant in the vast universe of the www. Coz we are, we’re VERY insignificant. So is almost everything I post here. Do you think I would care about anything at all on the web if I was hungry from not eating enough for a week? How about a month? A year? Do you think our great great grandchildren will care about how popular our stupid blog was? Maybe it would be better to leave them a healthy environment, or an inspiring educational system.

End : rant transmission

Thanks for reading through all that. I don’t often rant and I’m not sure what has inspired this sudden interest in interacting with fellow bloggers. Today I even found myself going back to the WordPress forum about the broken sidebars and posting the temporary solution that had worked for me. I went back, and shared my insight in the hopes others could benefit as well from my discovery. This is totally my style, but not usually my web style. I hope I haven’t been virtually bit by a link swapping, black hat, blogger vampire!

Take it slow,
miss iVi

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Today’s WordPress Problem Fixed With Easy Solution

Posted by Molli Fire on Monday, 30April07

hi there music fans!

if you are viewing this post on the actual webpage, you might notice that HearingTest looks quite different today. it’s true, and hopefully it is only a temporary solution. i dun know what gwan with di wordpress serverisms, but i go lookin at me page and the sidebars are all muckled up something naaasty! it seems that the problem is limited to only 2 or 3 wordpress themes : Andreas 09, which is what i was using, Garland and Freshy. Freshy is causing problems for some but not others. those are 3 out of about 4 total wordpress themes which offer 2 sidebars aka 3 columns. well, it just so happens that wordpress support peeps were away at the moment, perhaps fully aware of the situation and already investigating. so, until dis a figured out, i jes simple changed di theme to somethin similar but totally different, and everything is where it should be, no bugs or nuthin. i decided to use the theme titled “2813” because it has 2 sidebars plus the main column, which is as close to the other theme that i could find. that’s right, i jes change di theme to anything else besides those 2, and all of my sidebar info is restored with no additional work. judging from users feedback in the forum, any 3 column theme is potentially problematic right now. some users were not able to fix the problem with the 2813 theme, but got good results from switching to a 2 column theme. the best advice is – leave those widgets and sidebars alone! there is probably nothing wrong with them, it’s a problem with the theme that is having trouble communicating with them. if you make changes now, you could end up deleting them yourself when they were fine to begin with. if you want to make any changes while wordpress is working on the fix, stick with theme changes and posts, but don’t touch anything else. whew! so glad i dun hafta recreate alla dat. i got nuff work drowning me right now. no time fer di blog.

Report from the HearingTest HQ

i’m almost finished wit what i am writing and contributing for the reggae music and culture book i am collabing on. heaps of amazing research results, and some pretty good rants and tirades about dancehall music, its influence on other styles of music, and its place in the world. i’m writing pages and pages of content about soundsystem culture, the huge part that the dance-as-social-gathering has played in the survival of some of the world’s most oppressed populations, the psychoacoustic effects of riddims, speaker stacks, and repetitive drumming, even some crazy in-depth shizzle about dancing as the antidote to Babylon’s toxins – a fairly thorough exploration into the outmoded fight or flight response, which is more psychoacoustic stuff. you will definitely see some excerpts from alla dat come up soon.

thanks again for bearing through technoccult difficulties over pon HearingTest music brewery…..

a few things that will be revealed on HT this week, for you to anticipate :

  • photos and videos from a killer roots underground sound system party that featured End.User, Dan Doormouse, Arson, Bonk, theStapler, 666 Gangstaz, and Rtype. celebrating the record release of Teen Suicide 002!!
    TS002 is engraved with secret messages from 666 Gangstaz, HRock, the Stapler, and Planetsize. Available in record stores worldwide starting this week!
  • essays and rambling thoughts about dancehall – it’s history, cultural significance, and continuing cross cultural popularity…
  • more news than is worthy of reporting, except everybody likes something different, so hopefully you will enjoy at least one post per day.

and, we’ll just have to see what else happens. hopefully something fantastic and worthy of further discussion.

~have a lovely week~
miss iVi

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New Bill In House Hopes To Save Internet Radio Broadcasting

Posted by Molli Fire on Friday, 27April07

Radio And Internet Newsletter aka RAIN reports today that a bill has been introduced into the house by Representative Jay Inslee (D-WA) that shows hope for indpendent internet radio broadcasting. It is titled The Internet Radio Equality Act and covers the following aspects :

The bill has five major provisions:

  1. Nullifies the recent decision of the CRB judges
  2. Changes the royalty rate-setting standard that applies to Internet radio royalty arbitrations in the future so that it is the same standard that applies to satellite radio royalty arbitrations — the 801(b)(1) standard that balances the needs of copyright owners, copyright users, and the public (rather than “willing buyer / willing seller”). (For more detail on this point, read the recent RAIN issue on “Copyright law,” here.)
  3. Instructs future CRBs that the minimum annual royalty per service may be set no higher than $500.
  4. Establishes a “transitional” royalty rate, until the 2011-15 CRB hearing is held, of either .33 cents per listener hour, or 7.5% of annual revenues, as selected by the provider for that year. Those rates would be applied retroactively to January 1, 2006. (The logic behind this rate, incidentally, is an attempt to match the royalty rate that satellite radio pays for this royalty — thus the name of the bill.)
  5. Expands the Copyright Act’s Section 118 musical work license for noncommercial webcasters to enable noncomms to also perform sound recordings over Internet radio at royalty rates designed for noncommercial entities, and sets an transition royalty at 150% of the royalty amount paid by each webcaster in 2004. (Note that this amount would be a set, flat fee through the end of the decade.)

For future CRBs (e.g., 2011-15), adds three new reports in the CRB process: The Assistant Secretary of Commerce for Communications and Information will submit a report to the CRB judges on the industry impact in terms of competitiveness of the judges’ proposed rates; at the same time, the FCC will submit a report to the CRB judges on the effects of the judges’ proposed rates on localism, diversity of programming, and competitive barriers to entry; and the Corporation for Public Broadcasting will submit a report to Congress and the CRB judges on the effect of the the judges’ proposed rates on their licencees.

RAIN’s webpage is much more informative, as it has links sprinkled throughout these provisions. RAIN also points out :

Now that the bill has been introduced, the “call to action” is specific and direct: The site is now asking listeners to call their Representative and ask him/her to “cosponsor the Internet Radio Equality Act, introduced by Representative Jay Inslee.” Once listeners click the “Call Your Representatives” button on the site and enter their zip code, they are given their Representative’s House office phone number and a list of “talking points” to emphasize.

Please click over to RAIN’s webpage for more information. They have a pdf version of the entire Act, as well as more coverage and suggestions for how you can participate.

One thing you can do is call your Representatives and urge them to co-sponsor the Internet Radio Equality Act. Hit Save Net Radio to get your Rep’s phone number.

International Listeners

If you reside outside the US (lucky you!) you can still help keep internet radio from being crushed by this BS. Join SaveNetRadio’s coalition! Click Coalition to find out how.


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nuh ready yet….

Posted by Molli Fire on Sunday, 22April07

Update on my progress with the 1-2minute movies from the Sonic Boom show –

i dug into the folder of short movies from the show – and lo and behold – these “little” movies are 11-71 MB mpg files. no, they do not get an impressive 11-71 miles per gallon, rather, i have no idea how to share them with you. i thought they would be in mov format, or at least something that is easily downloaded and watched. so, i am looking into my options, starting with youtube…

does anyone have suggestions? please let me know if you have a preferred method. i will share the lovely movies of Sonic Boom’s atmospheric journeys through electronic psychedelia as soon as i get this sorted out….

i guess this is one of the bugs i need to figure out in order to become a fully operational multi-media blogger… at least i will have all these things figured out for the next time i go to a rad show, so i can throw that shizzle up on this page so blazin fast that there will be scorch marks!

speaking of blazing, the next show that i will have a multi-media review of will be next weekend. i will be documenting and reviewing the event with End.User, Dan Doormouse, the_Stapler, and Rtype, among others. i will have some audio to share, pictures, a review and interviews, and some video!! therefore, HearingTest will be smokin hot next week which will make up for my slackness this week. i’m right in the thick of writing a couple chapters for the reggae book that’s going to be published soon. so, i won’t be as active here this week, especially Monday and Tuesday.

– This week’s features –

a roundup of articles, interviews, and links to sustainable energy applied to live music culture. how to run your tourbus, soundsystem, generator, car, van, guitar amp, etc. on fuel that is low impact on the earth’s depleted resources. solar power and biodiesel/SVO options will be discussed especially.

hopefully the Sonic Boom movies

an excerpt from what i have been writing for the reggae book

more info about the breakcore/jungle/hardcore party mentioned, featuring End.User and Doormouse.

hope you had a fresh earth day weekend!

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My Readers Rock!

Posted by Molli Fire on Wednesday, 18April07

hi lovely music enthusiasts!

just wanted to let you know that i am constantly on the look out for bugs to fix on this site, and i have been making some improvements along the way.  if you find a broken link just let me know, either with a comment, or email me.  my email is in the top left corner of every page.

those of you leaving comments, if you include your webpage, i am guaranteed to check it out.  if i find something to talk about, i will leave comments for you too.  (sorry, i don’t leave comments if i don’t have anything to say…)

i fixed up all the subscription links – you can now subscribe to get this blog in any RSS reader that you use, or as emails in your inbox.  what is really cool is that you can use the google button to add it to your google reader or gmail, AND you can even have it show up as a widget on you google homepage.  that way you get a little blog on you g-page!

oh, one more thing – i added the categories buttons back to the right sidebar.  i am going to start tagging posts with the band’s name if they get posted about regularly.  soon you will be able to click on a band’s name and see all the posts on HearingTest about them.  i started with Bjork…

that’s all for now, thanks for reading!

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CRB Upholds High Fees For Internet Radio

Posted by Molli Fire on Monday, 16April07

The CRB decided earlier today to keep their decision pertaining to increased royalty rates for internet radio broadcasters. i have included the entire press release here in order to give you as much information as possible. the press release is from Sound Exchange and i found it on hypebot

APRIL 16, 2007

Judges Rule No Change In Music Royalty Rates

-Increased Fees From Internet Radio Upheld-

Washington, DC—The Copyright Royalty Board (CRB) today upheld its earlier decision on fair royalty rates to be paid to musical artists and record labels for the use of their work on Internet radio. The three judge panel denied motions by Internet radio operators for a rehearing of the Board’s March 1, 2007 decision setting performance royalty rates for Internet radio from 2006 to 2010.

The CRB wrote in its decision, “…none of the moving parties have made a sufficient showing of new evidence or clear error or manifest injustice that would warrant rehearing. To the contrary…most of the parties’ arguments in support of a rehearing or reconsideration merely restate arguments that were made or evidence that was presented during the proceeding.”

SoundExchange Executive Director John Simson declared that this is a victory for performing artists and record labels who work long and hard to produce music for all to enjoy. “Our artists and labels look forward to working with the Internet Radio industry — large and small, commercial and non-commercial — so that together we can ensure it succeeds as a place where great music is available to music lovers of all genres,”said Simson

“AFTRA recording artists applaud the Copyright Royalty Board for upholding their decision on internet radio,” said Kim Roberts Hedgpeth, National Executive Director of the American Federation of Television and Radio Artists (AFTRA). “They deserve to be paid fairly for the use of the creativity, talent, and hard work they put into making music. Internet radio is growing and successful because fans want to listen to the music created by artists. The CRB’s decision recognizes that, as these businesses grow, both featured and non-featured artists should be compensated at fair market rates for their contributions to the growth of these companies.”

The CRB also wrote, “…it appears that all evidence discussed in the motions had either been discovered during the proceeding or could have been discovered during the proceeding, with reasonable diligence.” Additionally, the CRB found: “In the absence of an adequate showing of new evidence, the parties’ arguments in their respective motions amount to nothing more than a rehash of the arguments that the Judges considered in the Initial Determination.”

Michael Huppe, General Counsel of SoundExchange, in noting that SoundExchange is now looking forward to the next steps in the wake of the CRB ruling, said, “We are gratified that the CRB has upheld its decision. With the resolution of these motions, it is now time to move forward with business. It’s in everyone’s best interest to ensure a vibrant and thriving marketplace for Internet Radio and we intend to work with webcasters towards achieving that goal.”

Additionally, the CRB denied the request of webcasters to stay implementation of the new royalty rates (2006-2010) until all legal appeals had been exhausted. In doing so, the CRB pointed to specific language established by Congress in the Copyright Act. The CRB wrote, “…Congress, not the Judges determined the effective dates for the royalty rates…” The CRB went on, “Moreover Congress determined that these rates would go into effect, notwithstanding any pending motions for rehearing..”
Barry Bergman, President of the Music Managers Forum-US aid, “For many artists a royalty check can mean the difference between continuing to create new and exciting music for a living, or allowing musical talents to be silenced. In recognizing the value musical artists bring to the success of Internet radio, the CRB has taken a necessary step in helping to ensure that many artists are able to continue using their special talents which are enjoyed by all.”

The CRB also made two points of clarification regarding its Initial Decision. First, at the request of the webcasters, the CRB will allow them to use estimated ATH (Aggregate Tuning Hours) measures to determine audience listening for 2006 and 2007. However, the CRB said this is only for a transitional period, during which webcasters who have not yet implemented systems to track the music that they play will have the chance to do so.

Also, in response to SoundExchange’s request for clarification, regarding whether the Initial Decision covers webcasting services delivered over cellular networks, the CRB indicated it did.

On March 2, 2007, the Copyright Royalty Board issued a fair and reasonable decision that sets compensation rates to be paid artists and record labels for the public performance of their works by Internet radio broadcasters from 2006-2010. The three judge panel heard testimony from dozens of witnesses and conducted a comprehensive review of tens of thousands of pages of evidence submitted by all interested parties over an 18-month period. The decision is a reflection of the need for artists to be fairly compensated for the performance of their work by webcasters who benefit–financially or otherwise–from their talents. As the music industry evolves from CD-only sales to multiple distribution platforms it is critical that creators of music share in revenues from all platforms.

SoundExchange is the first performance rights organization in the United States to collect and distribute digital audio transmission royalties to artists and sound recording copyright owners. SoundExchange represents over 2000 record companies and thousands of recording artists, and is seeking out more labels and artists who are owed royalties for sound recordings played on digital cable and satellite television music services, satellite radio services or streamed via non-interactive webcast. The non-profit organization is governed by a board of artist and label representatives. Services include track level accounting of performances to all members and collection and distribution of foreign royalties to all members. All artists, labels and/or their representatives are invited to visit

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Up Next : ISIS Concert Review +More

Posted by Molli Fire on Wednesday, 11April07

in a blatant effort to captivate your subconcious attention….

i thoroughly enjoyed the ISIS/Jesu/Zozobra concert in sf this past friday. i have some decent photos and a review that i am almost finished editing. i will be posting all of it here within the next 24 hours.

i wish i could have it up already, but i’ve been swamped with projects lately. all of these posts lately have been work related for me, hence the mainstream acts getting so much attention. i will soon have more time to publish “under the radar” metal music. so stay tuned, i’m just kindling this blog fire at the moment.

more upcoming features for HT :

more original writing – reviews, background & history of music categories and bands
a google calendar keeping track of everything posted – album releases, tours, festivals, etc.
more dancehall related posts, more jungle and soundclash too
HT is going to get it’s own website!  i am going to move this blog over to my own url and server soon.  i hope to keep this address as well, not sure how that works yet.

thanks for reading, feel free to leave comments here about any of this.  any feedback i get now might find its way into the design of the new site…


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Stop Global Warming With Virtual March

Posted by Molli Fire on Wednesday, 11April07

Sheryl Crow has embarked on a multi-media tour aimed at raising awareness about oil dependency, alternative technologies, and global warming. the Grammy awarded singer will be travelling with Laurie David, activist and producer of Al Gore’s Oscar-winning documentary, An Inconvenient Truth in a tour bus running on biodiesel. the “Stop Global Warming College Tour” kicked off today in Texas, US and will visit 11 universities in the southeastern states. the tour is part of a “virtual march” led by and each stop will feature a multimedia show with speeches, excerpts from An Inconvenient Truth, humorous clips from top comedians, dialogue with students, and a short musical performance by Crow.

according to a New Orleans’ Loyola University article reprinted on Crow’s website :

The goal is to motivate college students to become part of the movement to stop global warming and demand solutions from themselves, their schools, and their country. The tour will conclude on April 22nd, 2007 at the George Washington University Smith Center, where they will celebrate Earth Day. is a call to action for Americans to voice their concern about global warming. Over 675,000 individual “marchers” from around the country, including 31 U.S. legislators, mayors, and governors, have joined the virtual march to acknowledge immediate the impact of global warming and to demand solutions to the problem. The movement has galvanized support from leading scientists, political and religious leaders, corporations, and individuals. During the two-week tour, college students, university leaders, faculty, and staff will be encouraged to join the virtual march.

more info with lots of steps you can take, and simple ways that you can help within your own globe :

video trailer for An Inconvenient Truth

The tour schedule is as follows:

Monday 4/9: Southern Methodist University (SMU), Dallas, Texas, McFarlin Auditorium, 8pm

Tuesday 4/10: Texas A&M, College Station, Texas, Rudder Arena, 7:30pm

Wednesday 4/11: Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge, LA, LSU Union Theater, 7:30pm

Thursday 4/12: Loyola University, New Orleans, LA, Republic New Orleans, 8pm

Friday 4/13: University of Alabama at Birmingham, Birmingham, AL, Bartow Arena, 7:30pm

Monday 4/16: University of Florida, Gainesville, FL, Stephen O’Connell Center, 7:30pm

Tuesday 4/17: Middle Tennessee State University, Murfreesboro, TN, Murphy Center, 7:30pm

Wednesday 4/18: Vanderbilt University, Nashville, TN, Life Center Ballroom, 7:30pm

Thursday 4/19: University of Virginia, Charlottesville, VA, Charlottesville Pavilion, 7:30pm (with special performance by Robert Randolph & the Family Band)

Saturday 4/21: University of Maryland, College Park, MD, Cole Field House, 1pm

Sunday 4/22: George Washington University, Washington, DC, The Smith Center, 4pm





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Pitchfork Writer Gets Remixed

Posted by Molli Fire on Friday, 6April07

today in dj/rupture’s blog, mudd up! he takes on Pitchfork’s slanderous reviews of music that don’t fit into their corporate white indie category. he basically turns the tables on one reviewer, using the pitchfork employee’s own writing style to describe their job as a reviewer.
if the reviewer would not like to be described as :

“Paul Thompson, a data-entry typist (who, for his sake, I hope is not the same Paul Thompson of NYC convicted for murder last Saturday), messes about when trumping-up press releases into Pitchfork news items.”

then why is he using this style to describe music for Pitchfork’s website? this reversal of roles comes about after paul thompson reviewed Rupture’s remix of a Architecture in Helsinki song. a remix is expected to be in the same style that the remixing artist is famous for, and this one is no exception. it is very different than any AIH song, but that’s the point. if this reviewer prefers the AIH song to they style that Rupture has twisted it into, than that’s fine. but maybe pitchfork should be more careful about who covers which stories.

the whole story from dj/Rupture can be read on his blog, mudd up!, the pitchfork review can be read at their Architecture in Helsinki Plot World Tour, New Single page and the song in question is streaming on Rupture’s murdochspace and is called, “Ital Hymn Mix ft. Mr. Lee G”.





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RIAA Runs With Tail Between Legs

Posted by Molli Fire on Thursday, 29March07

ok, maybe that’s actually an exageration. but they should be after receiving a letter from California attorney Merl Ledford III, of Visalia, California. Ledforf III just points out how unreliable their witnesses and evidence are, and how weak their case is. next thing you know, RIAA drops one of its recent cases.
the whole story is on :: :: with an excerpt from the letter. the full letter can be viewed :: here :: where it serves as an example for other lawyers who are defending people against the out of control megalomaniac recording industry.
finally, RIAA’s statement of Voluntary Dismissal can be viewed in all it’s legal-formatted glory :: here::





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