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Modest Mouse Adds More Dates/Places To Tour

Posted by Molli Fire on Tuesday, 17April07

Modest Mouse are heading to the UK in late May, and then to Europe in June.
more news about Johnny Marr’s extremely limited edition lo-top sneaker sales to benefit autism can be discovered over at pitchf*#k

the full tour schedule looks like this so far :

04-17 Boise, ID – Big Easy Concert House
04-20 Minneapolis, MN – Orpheum Theatre
04-21 Minneapolis, MN – Orpheum Theatre
04-22 Chicago, IL – Auditorium Theatre
04-24 Toronto, Ontario – Hummingbird Center for the Performing Arts
04-25 Montreal, Quebec – Metropolis
04-26 Rochester, NY – Main Street Armory
04-27 Boston, MA – Orpheum Theatre
04-29 New York, NY – The United Palace
04-30 New York, NY – The United Palace
05-02 Providence, RI – Lupo’s Heartbreak Hotel
05-03 Philadelphia, PA – Electric Factory
05-04 Greensboro, NC – Coliseum Special Events Center
05-05 Atlanta, GA – Masquerade Music Park
05-06 Birmingham, AL – BJCC Arena Concert Hall
05-08 New Orleans, LA – House of Blues
05-09 Austin, TX – The Backyard
05-10 Grand Prairie, TX – Nokia Theatre
05-12 Mesa, AZ – Mesa Amphitheater
05-13 Los Angeles, CA – Greek Theatre
05-14 San Diego, CA – Cox Arena at San Diego State University
05-16 San Jose, CA – San Jose State University

05-20 Somerset, England – Butlins Minehead (ATP vs. the Fans)
05-23 London, England – Royal Albert Hall
05-26 Glasgow, Scotland – ABC
05-27 Wolverhampton, England – Wulfrun Hall
05-28 Nottingham, England – Rock City
05-29 Manchester, England – Ritz Ballroom

06-01 Barcelona, Spain – Primavera Sound
06-06 Munich, Germany – Georg Elser Halle
06-07 Berlin, Germany – Postbahnhof
06-10 Frankfurt, Germany – Batchkapp
06-11 Cologne, Germany – Live Music Hall
06-16 Interlaken/Schweiz, Switzerland – Greenfields Festival
06-23 Scheeßel, Germany – Hurricane Festival
06-24 Neuhausen ob Eck, Germany – Southside Festival
06-30 Arendal, Norway – Hove Festival

08-03-05 Chicago, IL – Grant Park (Lollapalooza)
08-31-09-02 Stradbally, Ireland – Electric Picnic

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New Azeem And DJ Zeph Album

Posted by Molli Fire on Monday, 16April07

Analogue Giant posted today about the upcoming album, Rise Up, a collaboration between bay area producer Azeem and DJ Zeph. he also has the title track available for a listen, which features Luv Fyah. the album is due out on May 22, but you can preorder from underground hip hop.
the duo claims to be doper than payday, so how can you go wrong?

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BB King, Etta James, Al Green – Blues Tour 2007

Posted by Molli Fire on Monday, 16April07

BB King has organized a Blues Festival tour in the US this summer. the legendary blues guitarist/singer will be joined by the incredible Al Green, and the lovely Etta James! the Blues Festival will hit 16 cities between the end of July and beginning of Septembre. King is also currently touring until the end of the year on his 60th Anniversary tour.

Etta James

in addition to these three blues legends, Joan Osbourne, James Hunter, and Robert Randolph will each perform a different show along the tour.

July 2007
24 – Hollywood, FL – Seminole Hard Rock Hotel/Casino Arena
26 – Atlanta, GA – Chastain Park Amphitheatre
29 – Clarkston, MI – DTE Energy Music Theatre

3 – Holmdel, NJ – PNC Bank Arts Center
4 – Atlantic City, NJ – Trump Taj Mahal/Mark Etess Arena
7 – New York, NY – Theater at Madison Square Garden
11 – Baltimore, MD – Pier Six Concert Pavilion
12 – Newport, RI – Fort Adams State Park
26 – Grand Prairie, TX – Nokia Theatre
28-29 – Highland Park, IL – Ravinia Pavilion
30 – Saint Paul, MN – Minnesota State Fair Grandstand

September 2007
1 – Morrison, CO – Red Rocks Amphitheatre
5 – Los Angeles, CA – Hollywood Bowl
7 – San Jacinto, CA – Soboba Casino Arena
8 – Concord, CA – Sleep Train Pavilion
9 – Murphys, CA – Kautz Ironstone Ironstone Vineyards Theatre

for more information :

tour info

BB King’s website (not updated)

Etta James’ website

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ISIS, JESU, ZOZOBRA Bring Harmonic Tremors To SF!

Posted by Molli Fire on Sunday, 15April07

concert review of ISIS, Jesu, and Zozobra at Bimbo’s 365 Club in San Francisco, CA on April 6th, 2007
by Molli Fire

San Francisco

San Francisco is rocked by earthquakes regularly – tremors that rattle the china, or knock a picture off the wall are often shrugged off and forgotten 20 minutes later. This might explain why residents were indifferent to a bump in seismic activity last Friday when ISIS, Jesu, and Zozobra installed a wall of guitar amps that made the ground tremble. Neighbors can blame these 3 bands for the Seismic Sludge Metal rumbling from amps turned up to 5.5 (Richter). Their booking agent was wise to secure Bimbo’s 365 Club for the epic event – one of the few venues large enough, comfortable enough, and loud enough to showcase three heavyweight bands. With Jesu and ISIS, their music history alone would crush the floorboards of a lesser club. Add Zozobra to the stage, and the show would have moved to the basement. Bimbo’s delivered a solid, high quality show in style.


I am super impressed by Zozobra. They could easily be headlining their own tour, but they were an ideal choice for initiating this occasion. They displayed a horde of talent and powerful command of superbly written songs. the night started with frontman and founder Caleb Scofield, appearing solo. He greeted the room with a lovely melody that he plucked from the strings of a red guitar. When he sang, it was dark, yet gentle, almost a serenade. A few moments into this ballad, the rest of the band came out and he switched the guitar for a bass. The other two guitarists flanked Scofield on stage. Both are lean, with just enough hair to cover their faces. The entire time they played, they were grinning and rocking their heads wildly. They looked very similar, almost like twins, which provided me with a stereoscopic view of iconic guitar thrashing. The three men commanded the front of the stage, headbanging powerfully and enthusiastically, occasionally synchronized by a unified strum across 17 tense strings. I felt hypnotized by the timeless guitar stances “the twins” mirrored as they sustained a restless sonic assault. Zozobra created layer after layer of harmonic tremors that rippled through the wooden dance floor, which caused the crowd to sway like skyscrapers on heaving foundations. The guitarist on Scofield’s left deftly worked a nice range of pedal effects – psychedelic tremeloes hung in the air long after the string had been silenced, a repeat/reverse combo twisted melodies into meandering snakes that doubled back over their own tracks. The guitars seamlessly complimented the rolling explosions and fierce pummelings of the drums. The ricochet of drumming resembled an avalanche with perfect rhythm, almost belying the human element at its source. Zozobra rocked so hard as an opening band, that i thought maybe they had just stolen the show!

Zozobra tuned their guitars between songs, then shredded hard enough to wrench the strings into new keys again. In fact, all three bands refined the listening experience by adjusting the tuning of their guitars many times during each set. Most did this without delay, taking turns with tuning or playing something simple as interlude music. Unfortunately, this did not hold true for the wait in between bands. It seemed to take way longer than necessary for Jesu and ISIS to appear on stage. Don’t get me wrong, i do understand the dynamics of breaking down and setting up, especially for the soundguy who has to reset all the levels on the mixer for every microphone pointed at every drum, amp, and singer. It still took a long time beyond that. (And why does every venue since the dawn of time play the most unrelated, inappropriate intermission music over the house speakers?)


Jesu was next, led by Justin Broadrick (formerly of Napalm Death and Godflesh). Broadrick had worked out a great set for this tour : he used his laptop to integrate an occasional piano melody, or extra guitar effects, or – for one song – rapid fire kick drum action (a la Mayhem). Not at the expense of the live drummer, however, who was wicked!! He accented the machine gun rhythm with impeccably timed staccato hits on the cymbals and snare. From what i have previously read, he is Danny Walker of Intronaut, filling in for Jesu’s regular drummer, Ted Parsons. Walker plays drums in exactly my favorite style – the cymbals are used to accent and release the energy raised, rather than a constant trigger of sustained sound. I am pretty sure that he had the spring on the snare drum loose so that it did not create the typical noise, but was more like the tight marching drum once used in battle. This, sometimes combined with a rapid fire beat on the low tom at the beginning of each measure, created a feeling of heading into a tribal war. On top of everything, the guy had mad skills and his timing was flawless during the entire set. This more than compensated for the brief technical difficulties experienced by other sections of the band. Dave Cochrane, the stoic bass player, has done many collaborations with Broadrick and is covering for Jesu’s Diarmuid Dalton during this tour. Unfortunately, he encountered a series of problems with the bass amp when it began cutting out of the soundsystem. He fell off a song or two, but the interaction actually seemed to loosen him up a bit. He played more confidently and seemed to have more fun once everything was working properly. All three musicians displayed class and a good rapport, as well as technical skill. Despite this, however, i couldn’t help feel like Jesu was really just Broadrick, and the others were simply jamming along with him. Which was pretty much the case, but i didn’t want to actually feel it.


[splashcast KDIS4782PZ]


Bimbo’s 365 Club

Bimbo’s 365 Club is huge inside – much bigger than Slim’s, Cafe Du Nord, or Bottom of the Hill – and on this night, it was packed with metal fans. Aahhh, but the nice thing about Bimbo’s is that it maintains a comfortable environment, even when a show, like this one, is sold out. According to the club’s website, “packed” is somewhere between 6-700 people! Many decades ago, someone planned its building and interior with the definition of “ample” as their blueprint. The stage had room enough for 3 bands’ drum kits, stacks of guitar amps/cabs, 3 synthesizers on stands, and still ample room to rock. The main room is vast, with tall ceilings and plenty of ventilation. It looked like everyone in the audience had a good view of the stage, and interaction with the bands felt close and intimate. The decor is luxe and elegant, in the style of a 1940’s dinner club, and the waitresses are a bit punk rock with their black fishnets and crowd maneuvering skills. Bimbo’s 365 Club is one of the most enjoyable places in SF to see a show, especially a loud metal show. The 6-700 people in attendance comprised a good mix of metal fans – i noticed veterans as well as new faces in the crowd. Some crews that i haven’t seen at a show in SF since the 3 Days of Darkness hosted Khanate, Thrones, and Graves At Sea, in 2004. Some of the younger faces in the crowd were likely due to Bimbo’s admittance of 18-21 year olds.


Finally, after another long wait between bands, ISIS appeared. They immediately annihilated the intermission atmosphere, proving absolutely that it had been worth the 30 minute wait and the lifetime of anticipation spent by those who came to be initiated into live, loud sludge metal, exacted by masters of the craft. ISIS thrashed even harder than i have come to expect from sludge metal bands enjoying their 10th year of performing together. The 4 guitarists rejected the hypnotizing effect of synchronized movements that Zozobra had wielded, in favor of thrashing individually, each to a different aspect of the music. Sometimes bending completely over the guitar they gripped, then snapping backwards to stare at the ceiling, never relenting on the strings they were punishing. This added a striking visual dissonance that superbly matched the music’s innate discord. Sounds forged in minor keys and draped in distortion only to be fragmented by the battling pulses of the drums, the cymbals, and the synths that delayed and decayed at doomed intervals. This frenzy made it impossible to capture a clear photo of the whole band at once. You can see in my photos that some moved so quickly as to leave a trail of places they had been! B.C. Meyer (i believe) switched between atmospheric synthesizers and grinding guitar, headbanging and thrashing equally on both instruments. ISIS played a fair amount older material, from Celestial, Red Sea, and Mosquito Control, which made me VERY happy. I stopped listening to ISIS when they released Panopticon in 2004 because i prefer their earlier sound – uncompromisingly heavy atmospheric sludge metal. To my ears, Panopticon sounded too smoothed out, polished; in other words, too commercial, and devoid of the grit i felt was at the soul of earlier work. However, on stage in 2007, the occasional “weak” song merely provided enough contrast for the band to show off just how heavy their usual sound is. And heavy is something that ISIS owned at this show. They hit some songs so hard that it weighed down your own head, until you were facing your own soul, and then lifted it high with distorted upsweeps, until you gazed above the room, to where the melodies were scattering into the depths of space. At times, the pummeling beats could elevate your strong arm into the air, and cinch your hand into devil’s horns. An enthusiastic display of solidarity grew within the crowd, gaining strength with each attack on silence. I actually heard some fans singing along. Well, not really singing, more like growling. It was the first time i noticed anyone growling along to songs at a metal show. Whenever ISIS would delve into the quieter, more melodic parts, the crowd would cheer, or scream the band’s name, as if some just couldn’t handle the sudden release from crushing bar chords.

My Afterparty

The show inspired me greatly – this was the kind of show that justifies going out, and raises the excitement about what the future holds for music. The minute that i got home, i ripped the plastic off my new Celestial double vinyl to see what colours i got (the album has been repressed at least twice recently, each batch offering a different blend of marbled inks). Next, i lifted my shining black guitar from its furry grey coffin and played everything i had heard that night. That is my definition of a great show.


Zozobra music on murdochspace
interview with Caleb

Jesu website
Jesu in Wiki

ISIS website
ISIS music on murdochspace

Hydra Head news
website and store

Bimbo’s 365 Club San Francisco, CA




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blogging blues

Posted by Molli Fire on Sunday, 15April07


at long last, i am finally catching up with all of my work – my regular job, my freelancing, my reviews…
i apologize immensely for the long delay with exciting posts this week.  i wrote a rather fantastic one, from my heart – i even wrote a little blues song – detailing what was goin on here, and somehow wordpress just lost it on its way to the front page.  i will try to recap here, but the song is lost for good.

last week, i was uprooted from my regular routine, and delivered right into the chaotic middle of another reality.  i don’t know if i aspire to spend more time in the other dimension, but i got a great glimpse into the world of book publishing when i was asked to contribute to a new project.  new to me, however, the book is due to be in stores this fall!  so i will be scrambling to meet sudden deadlines these next few weeks.  i will do my best to ensure that the news and reviews on this site do not lag too much.  i have spent way too much of my time editing this ISIS concert review, so in the future, i intend to concentrate on the writing aspect, and enlist help with editing.

this new project will likely influence the direction of posts here, so you might see more dancehall, more dub, reggae, jungle, soundsystem info here.  i will be concentrating on background and history, so this will be quite a diversion from news.  and a welcome balance if i do say so.

still to come, but from now on no suggested timelines to kill myself over :

  • a concert review from the SF performance by Sonic Boom (Spectrum, Spacemen3, E.A.R.) – with 1-2 minute movies!  the concert was great!  i can’t wait to share the movies!
  • i am attempting to get my own URL for this blog.  i think i can continue to keep this one active, while just adding it to the new site, but i haven’t figured that out yet.  we’ll see.  i mainly just want more control over css and the ability to use fun flash stuff.  i feel like this site lacks having access to the music itself.

well, without further ado…. i present, the ISIS, JESU, ZOZOBRA multimedia review……  (see the next post)

thanks for your patience, and for continued interest in this site!


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Up Next : ISIS Concert Review +More

Posted by Molli Fire on Wednesday, 11April07

in a blatant effort to captivate your subconcious attention….

i thoroughly enjoyed the ISIS/Jesu/Zozobra concert in sf this past friday. i have some decent photos and a review that i am almost finished editing. i will be posting all of it here within the next 24 hours.

i wish i could have it up already, but i’ve been swamped with projects lately. all of these posts lately have been work related for me, hence the mainstream acts getting so much attention. i will soon have more time to publish “under the radar” metal music. so stay tuned, i’m just kindling this blog fire at the moment.

more upcoming features for HT :

more original writing – reviews, background & history of music categories and bands
a google calendar keeping track of everything posted – album releases, tours, festivals, etc.
more dancehall related posts, more jungle and soundclash too
HT is going to get it’s own website!  i am going to move this blog over to my own url and server soon.  i hope to keep this address as well, not sure how that works yet.

thanks for reading, feel free to leave comments here about any of this.  any feedback i get now might find its way into the design of the new site…


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Stevie Nicks And Chris Isaak Tour US

Posted by Molli Fire on Friday, 6April07

Stevie Nicks, Chris Isaak Tour US

Stevie Nicks, best known for her role in Fleetwood Mac and their induction to the Hall of Fame, just released an new dvd at the end of March. you can read a description and review of the dvd, Crystal Visions – The Very Best of Stevie Nicks on while the dvd focuses mostly on her solo work, it does include her history and a few songs from the Fleetwood Mac days.
now, the lovely lady prepares to head out on the road with crooner, Chris Issak, for a US tour from mid-May until mid-June. she will also make an appearance on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” on April 23rd.
you can read a little bit more on where i found this info.

The Stevie Nicks and Chris Isaak Tour:

Thu., May 17 Concord, CA Sleep Train Amphitheatre
Sat., May 19 Los Angeles, CA Greek Theatre
Sun., May 20 Los Angeles, CA Greek Theatre
Wed., May 23 San Diego, CA Coors Amphitheatre
Fri., May 25 San Jacinto, CA Soboba Casino
Sun., May 27 Albuquerque, NM Journal Pavilion
Mon., May 28 Denver, CO Red Rocks
Wed., May 30 Oklahoma City, OK Zoo Amphitheatre
Fri., June 1 Dallas, TX Smirnoff Music Centre
Sat., June 2 Houston, TX Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion
Mon., June 4 Atlanta, GA Chastain Park
Tue., June 5 Atlanta, GA Chastain Park
Fri., June 8 Chicago, IL Charter One Pavilion
Sat., June 9 Detroit, MI DTE Energy Music Theatre
Tue., June 12 Holmdel, NJ PNC Bank Arts Center
Wed., June 13 Wantagh, NY Jones Beach
Fri., June 15 Camden, NJ Tweeter Waterfront
Sat., June 16 Atlantic City, NJ Borgata Spa & Resort
Sun., June 17 Boston, MA Tweeter Center





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Allman Brothers Tour Summer 2007

Posted by Molli Fire on Thursday, 5April07

The Allmans’ lineup for the upcoming gigs will include Gregg Allman (vocals, keyboards), Butch Trucks (drums, tympani), Jaimoe (drums), Haynes, (vocals, lead and slide guitar), Derek Trucks (slide and lead guitar), Oteil Burbridge (bass) and Marc Quinones (congas, percussion).

read more at live Daily.

April 2007
5-8 – New York, NY – Beacon Theatre
13, 14 – Live Oak, FL – Wanee Festival

May 2007
4 – Memphis, TN – Beale Street Music Festival
5 – New Orleans, LA – Jazz & Heritage Festival

July 2007
31 – Rama, Ontario – Casino Rama

August 2007
3 – Gilford, NH – Meadowbrook Farm
4 – Newport, RI – Newport Folk Festival
7, 8 – Boston, MA – Bank Boston Pavilion
14 – Bristow, VA – Nissan Pavilion (w/ Ratdog)
15 – Burgettstown, PA – Post-Gazette Pavilion (w/ Ratdog)
17 – Camden, NJ – Tweeter Center (w/ Ratdog)
18 – Bushkill, PA – Mountain Laurel Center (w/ Ratdog)
19 – Darien Center, NY – Darien Lake Performing Arts Center (w/ Ratdog)
21 – Wantagh, NY – Nikon at Jones Beach Theater (w/ Ratdog)
22 – Holmdel, NJ – PNC Bank Arts Center (w/ Ratdog)

September 2007
2 – Snowmass Village, CO – Jazz Aspen





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Lily Allen Tour Updates

Posted by Molli Fire on Friday, 30March07

there have been some updates to the Lily Allen tour, mostly additions thanks to all the extra hype she is getting lately.

from the trusty blog of the Brooklyn Vegan :

Lily Allen – 2007 Tour Dates
Fri 03/30/07 San Diego, CA House Of Blues
Sun 04/01/07 Sacramento, CA Crest Theatre
Mon 04/02/07 San Francisco, CA The Fillmore
Thu 04/05/07 Toronto, ON Phoenix Concert Theatre
Fri 04/06/07 Montreal, QC Club Soda
Sat 04/07/07 Boston, MA The Roxy
Sun 04/08/07 Washington, DC 9:30 Club
Tue 04/10/07 Philadelphia, PA Electric Factory
Wed 04/11/07 New York, NY Irving Plaza
Sat 04/14/07 Universal City, CA Gibson Amph. At Univ. CityWalk KCRW Evening
Sun 04/29/07 Indio, CA Empire Polo Field Coachella
Tue 05/15/07 The Wiltern Los Angeles, CA
Mon 05/21/07 Ogden Theatre Denver, CO
Tue 05/22/07 Liberty Hall Lawrence, KS
Wed 05/23/07 Vic Theatre Chicago, IL
Sat 05/26/07 Newport Music Hall Columbus, OH
Sun 05/27/07 Majestic Theatre Detroit, MI
Mon 05/28/07 Sonar Baltimore, MD
Wed 05/30/07 Roseland Ballroom New York, NY
Mon 06/04/07 House of Blues Cleveland Cleveland, OH
Tue 06/05/07 Vogue Theatre Indianapolis, IN
Tue 06/12/07 Lake Buena Vista, FL House Of Blues
Wed 06/13/07 House of Blues Orlando Orlando, FL
Fri 06/15/07 Manchester, TN Bonnaroo Music Festival
Fri 06/22/07 Glastonbury Festival
Fri 07/06/07 Kinross, UK Balado
Sat 08/18/07 Staffordshire, UK Weston Park V Festival
Sun 08/19/07 Chelmsford, UK Hylands Park V Festiva


get your tix before she gets bored of her own songs!





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Jarvis Cocker Wants You To Play Music!

Posted by Molli Fire on Friday, 30March07

do you play music and dream of your chance to make it big?

Jarvis Cocker is looking for local bands to open his shows!!

that’s right! the frontman for Pulp is taking recommendations for who should open his shows in NYC, Seattle, Vancouver and SF! also for shows in Europe!

from his myspaz blog :

we are playing in North America soon & need support bands for New York (2 shows), San Francisco, Seattle & Vancouver – do you think you could help? Same idea as the Europe shows – you recommend LOCAL bands that would be good for the job (preferably with a link to somewhere I can hear their music) & I’ll do the rest. It worked a treat before – let’s unleash the magic again!

G’day xx Jarvis

jarvis cocker

here’s your chance! hit the man with some links!

and, here is the full tour schedule :

04-22 New York, NY – Webster Hall
04-23 New York, NY – Webster Hall
04-27 Indio, CA – Empire Polo Field (Coachella)
04-28 San Francisco, CA – Fillmore
04-30 Seattle, WA – Showbox
05-01 Vancouver, British Columbia – Commodore
07-13-14 Barcelona, Spain – Parc del Fòrum (Summercase Festival)
08-18 Chelmsford, England – V Festival
08-19 Staffordshire, England – V Festival





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E.A.R. – Travelling Electronic Experiments

Posted by Molli Fire on Thursday, 29March07

Hurray!!! Finally, EAR, Experimental Audio Research, is touring!! Not too many chances to catch his far out experimentalism, only a handful of US dates spanning April, and only 2 in London, but better than nothing which is all we have heard from EAR lately!
EAR was created by an experimental electronic scientist, Peter Kember, aka Sonic Boom, who may be more well known for his participation in surf guitar rock band, Spaceman 3, and psychedelic spaced out guitar rock band, Spectrum. There seems to be no limit to the scope and direction of the experimentations. he is notorious for his use of mulitple speak and spells as instruments and found sound recordings. i own an album which consists of nothing but recordings and simulations of daily noises, starting with the time of dinosaurs, and progressing to the modern experience. For further and deeper descriptions of this project, please read the bio on Sonic Boom’s website.


It gets better, the April 15th London performance will have EAR opening for Cluster! The April 30th London performance will also present a performance by Bert Jansch! Cluster, formed in the 70’s, is one of Germany’s pioneer experimental electronica bands. Cluster has collaborated with experimental krautrock band, Neu! and Brian Eno. These days, Cluster play mostly ambient electronic krautrock, and as far as i know, they have not toured since 1997. Bert Jansch is the founding member of Pentangle and won the Lifetime Achievement Award in 2001 for his work in folk music. The Scotsman has worked with Neil Young, Johnny Marr, and Jimmy Page, among others.

According to Sonic Boom’s website, here are the dates and places :

1 APRIL 2007, NYC, NY








12 APRIL 2007, NYC, NY



E.A.R., ROYAL FESTIVAL HALL. as part of St.Etienne’s launch of the refurbished room. Bert Jansch also playing.

Spectrum is also planning to tour the Pacific Rim in the late summer and fall of this year. Spectrum will release an EP and LP before the year is over.

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El-P World Tour Dates

Posted by Molli Fire on Thursday, 29March07


El-P World Tour Dates

Mar 29 2007 @ 103 CLUB BERLIN, Berlin
Apr 1 2007 @ Grunspan Hamburg, Bremen
Apr 2 2007 @ MTC, Koln
Apr 3 2007 @ ATOMIC CAFE, Munich
Apr 5 2007 @ ELECTRON FESTIVAL, Geneva
Apr 6 2007 @ PALLADIUM, Paris
Apr 7 2007 @ ABATTIORS, Bourgoin Jallieu
Apr 8 2007 @ Moumatouff, Mulhouse
Apr 10 2007 @ LIEU UNIQUE, Nantes
Apr 11 2007 @ WIELOOBAR AT BOTANINQUE, Brussels
Apr 12 2007 @ MELKWEG (OLD HALL), Amsterdam
Apr 15 2007 @ CRAWDADDY @ Dublin
Apr 17 2007 @ LEEDS UNI @ Leeds
Apr 18 2007 @ DINGWALLS @ London
Apr 19 2007 @ FABRIKKEN @ Oslo
Apr 27 2007 @ COACHELLA
May 1 2007 @ MIDDLE EAST, Boston
May 2 2007 @ Le NATIONAL, Montreal
May 3 2007 @ THE OPERA HOUSE, Toronto
May 4 2007 @ THE BEACHLAND BALLROOM, Cleveland
May 5 2007 @ LITTLE BROTHERS, Columbus,
May 6 2007 @ MAGIC STICK, Detroit
May 7 2007 @ TOP CATS, Cincinatti
May 8 2007 @ ABBEY PUB, Chicago
May 10 2007 @ GRANADA, Lawrence
May 11 2007 @ BLUEBIRD THEATRE, Denver
May 12 2007 @ THE DEPOT, Salt Lake City
May 14 2007 @ NEUMOS, Seattle
May 15 2007 @ RICHARD ON RICHARDS, Vancouver
May 16 2007 @ WONDER BALLROOM, Portland, OR
May 18 2007 @ GREAT AMERICAN MUSIC HALL (NOT SLIMS), San Francisco
May 23 2007 @ THE CLUBHOUSE, Tempe
May 24 2007 @ SUNSHINE THEATRE, Albuquerque
May 27 2007 @ EMOS, Austin
May 28 2007 @ NUMBERS NIGHT CLUB, Houston
May 30 2007 @ THE PARISH HOUSE OF BLUES, New Orleans
Jun 2 2007 @ COMMON GROUNDS, Gainesville, FL
Jun 7 2007 @ CATS CRADLE, Carrboro, NC
Jun 8 2007 @ THE 9:30 CLUB, Washington DC
Jun 9, 2007 @ Irving Plaza, NYC

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Akon, Lady Sov Tour With Gwen Stefani

Posted by Molli Fire on Thursday, 29March07

As far as i can figure, AKON and Lady Sovereign will be support acts for Ms. Stefani on the North American dates only. Stefani will also be touring the UK and Japan. Those dates can be found on her website.

Links to Lady Sovereign :


Links to Akon :


Links to Gwen Stefani :


According to the Live Daily website this is the schedule :

April 2007
21 – Las Vegas, NV – The Pearl Concert Theater @ The Palms Casino Resort
22 – Chula Vista, CA – Coors Amphitheatre
24 – Fresno, CA – Save Mart Center
25 – Bakersfield, CA – Rabobank Arena
27 – Universal City, CA – Gibson Amphitheatre
28 – Phoenix, AZ – Cricket Pavilion
30 – West Valley City, UT – The “E” Center

May 2007
2 – Denver, CO – Pepsi Center
3 – Albuquerque, NM – Journal Pavilion
5 – Dallas, TX – Smirnoff Music Centre
6 – The Woodlands, TX – Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion
8 – Tampa, FL – Ford Amphitheatre
9 – West Palm Beach, FL – Sound Advice Amphitheatre
11 – Atlanta, GA – HiFi Buys Amphitheatre
12 – Charlotte, NC – Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre
14 – Raleigh, NC – Walnut Creek Amphitheatre
15 – Virginia Beach, VA – Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre
17 – Bristow, VA – Nissan Pavilion
18 – Holmdel, NJ – PNC Bank Arts Center
20 – Wantagh, NY – Nikon at Jones Beach Theatre
21 – Uncasville, CT – Mohegan Sun Arena
23 – Mansfield, MA – Tweeter Center
24 – Camden, NJ – Tweeter Center at The Waterfront
27 – Atlantic City, NJ – Borgata Hotel and Casino
29 – Montreal, Quebec – Bell Centre
30 – Toronto, Ontario – Air Canada Centre

June 2007
1 – Auburn Hills, MI – Palace of Auburn Hills
2 – Noblesville, IN – Verizon Wireless Music Center
4 – Omaha, NE – Qwest Center
5 – St. Paul, MN – Xcel Energy Center
8 – Tinley Park, IL – First Midwest Bank Amphitheatre
10 – Winnipeg, Manitoba – MTS Centre
12 – Edmonton, Alberta – Rexall Place
13 – Calgary, Alberta – Pengrowth Saddledome
15 – Vancouver, British Columbia – General Motors Place
16 – Auburn, WA – White River Amphitheatre
18 – Marysville, CA – Sleep Train Amphitheatre
19 – Mountain View, CA – Shoreline Amphitheatre
22-23 – Irvine, CA – Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre
26-27 – Santa Barbara, CA – Santa Barbara Bowl
29 – Reno, NV – Reno Events Center

August 2007
24 – Honolulu, HI – Neal S. Blaisdell Center

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TRI-CITY Concert On Earth Day

Posted by Molli Fire on Wednesday, 28March07

Too many bands to list! Loads of big names and favorites!
NYC – Chicago – San Francisco
April 20-22 2007

The Green Apple Festival is committed to raising environmental awareness by combining live musical performances from diverse genres with educational outreach and cultural events suitable for all audiences. The entire event will be made carbon neutral.

Go to the Green Apple Festival website for a list of bands and more info.

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PARAMORE Live Stream Today!!

Posted by Molli Fire on Monday, 26March07

Paramore performs a live concert today which will be streamed live on the internet.  Also, their new album, RIOT! will be released June 2007 after a brief US tour.

According to Hypebot :

“Indie label Fueled By Ramen who already uses new technologies and the net better than most, is set to launch its own streaming destination FBR+ tomorrow 3/27 with a live concert by Paramore.”

To hear the online concert, go to

Unfortunately, the FBR store does not have any info, and nobody mentions what time this will occur. At the time of this writing, the only info on FBR+ is this :

PARAMORE, on the other hand, has all the goods about their new album and tour on their website. The new album, RIOT! will be released June 2007, and will be available at the FBR Store.

Paramore will be on tour with THE ALMOST AND THIS PROVIDENCE, plus special guests Quietdrive.

04.20 Ft. Lauderdale, FL
04.21 St. Petersburgh, FL
04.23 Orlando, FL
04.24 Atlanta, GA
04.26 Norfolk, VA
04.27 Towson, MD
04.28 Washington, DC
05.01 Boston, MA
05.02 New York, NY
05.04 Toronto, ON
05.07 Cleveland, OH
05.08 Chicago, IL
05.09 Detroit, MI
05.11 Dallas, TX
05.12 Houston, TX
05.14 Tempe, AZ
05.15 Las Vegas, NV
05.17 Los Angeles, CA
05.18 Anaheim, CA
05.19 San Francisco, CA

The Fueled By Ramen Website is a great music store that carries a lot of the bands that are most popular on mog. You can check them out here :

The “About Us” page describes there beginnings in depth, but here is the nutshell version :

“Fueled By Ramen is an independent record label based in Tampa, Florida. Started in 1996, the label has grown tremendously from its beginnings in Gainesville, Florida to become one of the world’s premier names for music…”

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