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This is a table of contents only : if you were looking for something else, start with the home page or the search box.

Music Industry News

the Copyright Royalty Board and what new way they are contriving to limit public access to music.
Digital Rights Management also referred to as Digital Restrictions Management, all the news of who is using it, who is dropping it, and what are the current opinions and experiences of this technology.
Internet All news that is internet based such as webcasting, net releases, etc… Also tags internet social activities.
Legal news dealing with the legal system and its current evolution in the digital age. If someone is getting messed with by the RIAA it’s here, if web radio is being shut down by Congress it’s here.
Music Technology News
Piracy Here at HT piracy refers to the real pirates – people trying to scam the public. Usually refers to the RIAA or similar. Think- Warner Music Group stealing university students’ homework for their advertising campaign. That kind of piracy. Stealing from the poor to give to the rich.
Radio including internet radio.
Technology News

the Industry All things discussing the activities within the music industry are collectively tagged here.

Bands, Tours, New Releases

Music Festivals news and updates about individual music festivals as well as band tours that include stops at music festivals
Interviews with bands and artists
New Releases
New Podcasts

HearingTest Specific News

News of interest to the community that frequents this site

Updates to the website including what’s coming soon, what’s in the works, etc. This is also where I loosen up and speak in my own voice, and try to open up more of a dialog. Even I tire of spouting news all day…
WordPress News any news specific to WordPress blogging.

Photo and Video

When I get the opportunity to do a music or concert review, I include as much photos and videos as possible.
The 2 categories : photos and video include photos and videos that I made myself. The video tag also includes posts with or about music videos published by others.

All news posts are collectively tagged News.

For a list of music genres and bands covered on HearingTest check out the Music Map. For more info about the music industry, the internet, green computing, or sustainable living with renewable energies scope the Culture Crib.

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